Send your team, or come alone to Nepal with us to grasp the intangible grit of leadership and life: the resilience to wrestle with challenge, the inspiration to do what’s right and the conviction to turn average to excellent. Sit with the wisest Buddhist monks and learn about inner workings of mind and matter, workshop with Sherpa mountaineers who have summited Mt Everest more than ten times and who understand how to overcome adversity and adapt, and, walk amongst the greatest mountains on earth and be back home within a week.

The grit of leadership can be learnt in Nepal. It can be learnt without stress and frustration. A trip to the Himalayas can provide all this. It is a matter of understanding the true nature of being human and applying this to leadership. Young leaders grow faster when they are taken where no boards can go, to the mountains, to wise monks to mountain sherpa who have summited Mt Everest and know the pain and glory of seriously dangerous leadership challenges.

The Young Leaders program in Nepal isn’t a picnic, nor is it a physical challenge. This is exposure to experience without the high cost of interpersonal conflict. It’s nature’s MBA, a way, a clear way of learning and a serious investment in the future of a business and brand.

Young leaders need wisdom. Wisdom on the shoulders of youth enlightens and makes their leadership meaningful and diverse. It gives richness to choices and depth to decisions. This can’t we read about nor talked about, it is an immersion.

The mountains of Nepal, the Himalaya, carry with them a truly life changing energy. An experience each person who goes there describes differently but in absolute agreement, life changing. It is more than a view or a tick on a bucket list. This is a life changing, leadership changing, world changing experience which is why so many (almost 80%) people have it on their bucket list.

I’m providing a window into the intangible assets of good leadership by creating this fully serviced, very effective, short time frame access to what others dream about. My 35 years of friendships with Sherpa of the Himalayas means it’s not a purely commercial experience, it’s a love filled, heart opening honesty with my friends and family of the Himalayas. Stories that just don’t get told.

Preparation and physical attributes will be included. Charities can be supported to cause a deeper engagement of supporters and family. It is not dangerous. We are sticking to high visibility low altitude exposure within close proximity to towns and facilities. In fact, we are never more than a few km from a cappuccino.

Access to the mountains is by helicopter. By doing this we bypass the normal unpredictability of commercial flights and go direct to the mountains. A scenic flight up to Everest base camp is included to truly witness the majesty of the mountain itself. Reliable trustworthy helicopter firms are contracted with unblemished track records of thousands of flight hours.

Food and diet is always an interesting topic. We recommend eating local however special dietary needs can be provided. Accommodating is in private room and although it’s a bit rustic in our western standards, the beds are warm, comfortable, safe and healthy. This adds an element of reality to being away and in the mountains.

Daily presentations are made at varying times depending on the weather. We capture every opportunity to experience the outdoors and so, if the sun is out, so are we. Trekking to ancient meditation caves, visiting Buddhist monasteries and meeting their inhabitants, dropping in for lunch with Sherpa mountaineers and sitting, in awe of the view.

Simple schedule

Day 1. Arrive Kathmandu

Day 2. Into the Mountains

Day 3. Short Walk to Everest View

Day 4. Longer Walk to Nearby town

Day 5. Short Walk to Meditation caves and Monasteries

Day 6. Back to Kathmandu

Day 7. Departure.