You own it. It's simple. It's portable and it's inside of you. It affects your productivity, your health, your happiness. It affects your relationship, your friendships, your children and your P&L at work. If you tap it, there's no stopping you, if you don't then it's all just hard work and struggle. Your Vision, Inspiration and Purpose (VIP) affects everything important and it is without doubt the single most important ingredient in determining the quality of your life, work life balance and the essential exchange in relationships. It's not fluff, just try being without hope for a day and see how it feels and how many people want to invest in you. VIP is simple. It's Nature's Universal Laws presented so you can be in control of your own dialogue with life.



    Building Cultures of Human Potential

    Training Modules:

    Self Leadership




    Inner Calm


    Total Human Awareness

    Loyalty, Commitment and Motivation

    Motivation to Inspiration

    Entrepreneurial Spirit

    Protecting Your Home from Stress



    Inspire yourself:


    Trek Nepal To Mt Everest Base Camp

    Spa Retreat In Bali

    Canadian Wilderness Retreats

    New Zealand Skiing Retreats

    Pacific Ocean Kayak Tours


    All with a deeply spiritual awareness for Nature.

  • Chris Walker

    "I attended Christopher Walkers program in Canada. I am a leader of over 5,000 people and this teaching just transformed our organisation. Inspiration, living with spirit in everyday life, is the journey Christopher Walker has himself embarked upon an now teaches others."

    Chris Walker

    "This work is more than digging deep, it’s about taking control & driving the bus. It’s about clever use of time & resources to be absolutely present in each of the different pieces of the puzzle.

    Chris Walker

    "I have run international successful business in health and beauty. When I met Christopher Walker and an internal change my heart opened unto itself and others. Instantaneously my whole world opened. The search was over.”

    Chris Walker

    "What I achieved in the Back on Track 30 Days is an effective day, combining the elements of healthy food, exercise and focus on the current task and making time for the big picture, all threaded together in a way that hits these pieces at full throttle."

    Chris Walker

    "This approach brings the relief and release that comes with knowing you can have a solid, effective crack at something without the fog of distraction, without competing alternatives for any given minute or hour.”


    Ideas to Inspire Your Heart and Soul

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