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  • 6 Reasons Why I Claim to Be

    the Best Personal Change Manager in Australia and Possibly the World.

    "If you want to cut through the crap and get hard hitting, actionable personal guidance with a spiritual edge either at the corporate or personal level, no-one delivers like Chris. He's the real deal." - Kim W.

    I've done more of this than anyone else

    Success change, performance change, business change, personal change, career change, addiction change, depression change, relationship change, changing vision, corporate culture change, global environment change, youth suicide change and life change. You name it, if it's human, I've changed it.  

    I've lived a full life including mistakes

    For 35 years now: ​the best life coach in the business: engineer, entrepreneur and life coach master, made and lost millions, written loads of books, led 10s of groups into Nepal, spent serious time in zen in the Himalayas, and worked all over the world including with indigenous First Nation Communities in Canada.

    I've helped the most famous names you've never heard

    I've changed the world one heart at a time by working with First Nation Indigenous leaders, powerful entrepreneurs, world famous rock bands and performers, 000's of CEO's, business owners, royal families, sports stars, communities, friends, artists.

    My perspective comes from living an adventurous life

    I've led over 56 treks the Himalayas of Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet. Kayaked the oceans of the world. Danced with Shaman, rowed for my country, raced in running, kayaking and ocean swimming. I've written books, done zen in Japan, mastered Yoga in India.

    I've honed my intuition

    I was born with a powerful intuition and a violent childhood home honed that gift to perfection. You'll know it when we meet. I can smell truth and detect a lie. I'll show you how...

    I've a bag of tricks

    There are ways to change the shape of your face, body, work, success, luck, happiness, presence, leadership that are not in books and these are the skills I bring. Non verbal power.

  • Start a Conversation About Change Now...

    Change only happens when you admit that you really want it.

  • Accelerated Change Personal and Business in Transition

    Using the "FIT" model of change to create a holistic, sustainable and accelerated change result personal and business.

    AcceleratedPersonal Change


    If you are not on your A-game, mentally, physically or emotionally, you need a non drug, non time dependent, results focussed fix. And that's what I do for you, get you back on your A-game.

    AcceleratedCompany Change


    Good change is going to happen whether people like it or not. But engagement is critical. Great is driven by clarity, enthusiasm and values linked commitment.

  • Life Balance

    Bring balance to you - a balanced person is balanced in all seven areas of life, lives balance and doesn't need to go on holidays to find it. They turn up balanced and that's what I show you how to do.

    Nature and You

    People are different in nature: more creative, generous, compassionate and visionary. But we can't live in a cave, so, I bring nature to you. Nature up in urban life provides a startling improvement in all aspects of engagement and recovery.

    Change your Luck

    I can change your luck, help you attract what you want, cause your destiny, bring opportunities your way and grow your business, relationship and health in the right direction. The first step is appreciating what you've got.

    Happy, Better Faster

    It's hard to do good if you don't feel good, mentally, physically and emotionally. I'll support you, encourage you, challenge you and create the opportunities for you to build a resilience that guarantees you'll stay happy, do better and get there faster.

  • Join a Global Movement of Inspired Individuals Living and Working Consciously

    "and let the inner voice speak louder than the outer voices"

    Trips to Nepal

    Trekking in the Himalayas a cleansing health retreats and inspirational journey, Christopher Walker does whatever it takes to find the perfect environment to get results. This trek is about finding answers, resolving issues and creating an inspired vision for the future.

    Back on Track

    For 30 days Christopher uses the power of the human heart to weave you a new story of balance and personal inspiration. He focuses on your potential and puts it forward with energy and commitment. You will become more effective in your personal and professional life by understanding how to be inspired, how to inspire others, how to develop peace of mind, how to develop deeper intuition and how to relax and enjoy the journey of life and work.

    Coaching You

    Christopher Walker has consulted to individuals and corporations for 25 years. His background is a blend of business management (MBA) and Environmental Engineering (BE) balanced with qualifications in human development, meditation, and psychology. Christopher’s view comes from every possible angle in order to see the real truth. Chris leaves no stone unturned offering guidance, coaching and consulting. There is no person more qualified to consult to you in inspired living.

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