Corporate Retreat Specialist ✔ Keynote Speaker ✔ Himalayan Corporate Adventures ✔ Life Coach ✔ Author ✔ Team Development Sydney, AustraliaProfessional Training & Coaching

Chris Walker mentors and speaks to leaders throughout the world about the evolution of success. 

How to stay balanced in the storm, inspiration over motivation, a purpose greater than self and well-being at a supreme level. 

Walker challenges people to think, to question, to explore and wonder about new possibilities. 

His art of controversial exploration is exactly what is needed in a fast-changing environment where people are culturally bound to “what we used to do” or "how it used to be.” 

If you are looking for a refreshing, no powerpoint, inspirational retreat or event to challenge your own and your team’s thinking then you can be sure that Chris will at least make them ask about the possibilities for new thinking.


Putting the Heart and soul back into work and life