Learn to embrace the whole story of balance

An incompetent leader comes home exhausted, proud to have burnt all their matches during an incompetently unbalanced work day and then ask their family and friends to tolerate their exhaustion, to rebalance their incompetent work life. This leads to stress, breeds itself into children and lowers the tone of relationships. I'll show you how to work in balance so you come home and give your best to those you love while performing at your optimum at work.

The pressure is building: you need to pay deep respect to the world you've created at home and yet, if you read anything about success, most hero's you follow, slept in their offices for the first 10 years of their wealth creation. Are you going to deal with this well?

Getting more done in less time is the objective of coaching but there's a gumball machine filled with "NEXT" job on the list. Typically you'll start to work harder or faster. Then you are compressed on both sides. Your family deserves more, your company or business demands more, and you have a newly sold fairytale of life balance, lifestyle that sees you relaxing on your own island drinking champs.

  1. Put results before lifestyle ... lifestyle does not cause results.
  2. Put inner health before outer health ... how you eat and sleep is crucial to achievement
  3. Know exactly what you want and what you need to get it (greed is not an option)
  4. Have realistic expectations of what you are willing to pay to achieve.
  5. Make work more fun than a holiday... otherwise you're finished before you start
  6. Ditch the stupid notion of recovery after work, holidays and weekends and replace it with work that doesn't need to be recovered from, and the word adventures instead of holidays. You're not in prison.
  7. Become the only variable in your world.
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