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I don't know why we fight it, but we do.

Every upper has a downer. We grow at the border of support and challenge. The best parent, the best partner, the best leader, the best self leadership supports and challenges you. But ignorant teachers teach you to run from negativity... no, no, no. Nobody treats you better or worse than you do, so if you run from negativity, you run from you. Where to? Instead, nature teaches you to grow, evolve from it.

No blame, no victim, total, 100% personal empowerment. The complete resilience.

There are four reasons why we get side tracked in life. And the cost of sidetracks is that we waste priceless time getting to where we want to go. We burn money, waste energy, get stressed and go off track because of just four reasons: ready?

  1. Your Body is Your God..... The human body has a brain, a mind, it's instinctive, it seeks pleasure avoids pain. With this comes an appetite for life that's insatiable. More pleasure less pain. The problem is no such place exists. But that doesn't stop us. We search for love, business, wealth and more just to fulfil the myth. The only way around it is to qualify the body as it is, a dumb animal with an instinct to eat, shit, sex and sleep. If we follow our body we get the animal life.
  2. Your mind becomes your God... with philosophy, therapy, conditioning, cultures, religions, books and brain-washing, we can become highly aware of what should and should not happen. And for mediocrity in life this is a great place to stunt our growth and hammer our beliefs down the throats of as many people as we can. Write books, have opinions, be emotional, and stand firm for what we think. Then we are perfect robotic fools who think that we think when we never really have a single thought of our own. Ho hum, mental health gone to shit. Must be a pill for it surely.
  3. We think we are better than others or worse. This malarkey is a song played by far too many from their childhood. Mum or dad saying you're far better than ..... or Mum or dad saying "don't forget to take your medicine because you are so useless" - one way or another people develop the habit of being less or more than others. It's all fake. But clever motivation.
  4. Addicted to memes. Well I have no space here for this massive topic but I did do a podcast on it if you're keen. Here's the link 

Observing the growth rings of a tree you see the reality of life. We grow in frustra. Each ring is a re-invention of the self.

Reinvention of the self is a behavioural change - not self help. You don't need to change your mind to change your behaviour but changing your behaviour will change your mind.

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