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Walking through the snow you leave footprints for those who follow. It's important because others have never been where you now are. So, even though you might feel it's a well worn path ahead, for those behind, the daily snow makes it hard to see, and they need you to leave strong imprints for them.

To do this, you'll need to move on but recognising that what you did to get you to this point in time, this elevation in life, will not get you to the next elevation in life. Repeating the same old same old keeps you stuck in the bog. You must learn new ways, try new things to grow, and the smartest way is to find footprints of those ahead.

But before you start following footprints of those ahead, it may be wise to check that they are going to where you want to go, and that they have the same assets and skills you do, and to make sure you are on the same page as them with the level of sacrifice you are willing to make and, and, and, and... because the higher you go (typically the bigger your vision) the less likely it is that footprints will be on your path. More like the drunken meanderings of someone else searching for theirs.

Finding footprints that belong to someone else is the easy way. If you do, you'll avoid the ugly feeling of incompetence. But incompetence is the essential identifier of real growth and the essential nature that must be embraced in order to succeed. Otherwise Groundhog Day is "Always doing what you've always done, always getting what you've always got." If this is what you want, fine. If not, embrace the understanding of "FRUSTRA."

Nature never grows in straight lines. She grows in cycles. Just as a tree trunk has growth rings so do you. When you hit a point where you feel insecure, uncertain, afraid, then, you've hit a frustra, a sign that you've actually grown, a positive, not a negative experience. However, the feeling isn't all that great. You feel frightened and small, there's a desire to revert to the old ways, find old friends, do old things. Completely normal but, to live your vision, you'll have to confront that desire.

Embracing periods of frustra, you are wise to have weekly coaching sessions. Your coach will introduce you to new process to introduce in the new realm of your journey. He or she will encourage you to dump what you were doing and leave footprints for those who follow. But move on with new habits. For example: you might be meditating, and hit a frustra and your coach might suggest you stop and do something else. It's not saying meditation is wrong, it's just saying there are more sophisticated process for mind calm, body relaxation and health than meditation at your new realm. Remember, as you grow through frustra, the value of time grows exponentially. This may even mean that those you associated with in the old realm try to pull you back to respond to time and life at your old level. It can mean moving on by spending less time with certain groups, friends, colleagues and stepping into new friendships where time has a new value. You may even feel "incompetent" for a few weeks. That's all part of the frustra journey and an essential element of nature to get used to.

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