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#19 Vision By Nature

Living your vision is as natural as taking a dump. Let's be real here. Many people make it sound fancy. It's really not.

Everyone has a vision. Everyone has goals. Some people have daily habits that align with the goals, and have goals that align with their vision. Most people don't.

From early childhood you'll hear clear goals. "I want" -- blah blah and then tears if they don't get it and laughter and joy if they do. It's not rocket science is it?

Most adults are just big kids. They know what they want, they cry if they don't get it and they get filled with joy if they do. It's all very simple.

Until we get ahead of ourselves.

That's when shit hits the fan.

Dad and son and daughter are at the cricket nets. Dad loves his kids. He bowls a lollie dropper to his son who smashes it out of the nets. The daughter is fielding and gives chase. She picks the ball up to throw back but her brother is still running between wickets. She can't throw it far enough. She runs, dad yells, with encouragement. The son get's the dream "I want to be a world famous cricketer" because that makes him and Dad smile. The daughter decides she's hopeless at throwing and loses interest in the game. She might have been the world #1 if it weren't for the loving fun in the park on that Sunday afternoon but instead decides to study and becomes a doctor. The son get's a few years into the game and gets hit on the hand by a fast ball in another game and decides cricket is too awful. Hopes dashed, he turns to video games and loses interest in school.


Dad and son and daughter are at the cricket nets. Dad loves his kids. He bowls a lollie dropper to his daughter who smashes the ball out of the park. The son gives chase, gets bitten by a dog, hates cricket, parks and dogs and becomes interested in medicine. She goes on to captain Australia, he becomes an entrepreneur and a $bilionaire in pharmaceuticals. Same Dad, different circumstances.

As a person who has spent his life travelling the world doing retreats and human development for organisations, helping people do great, this story above is so the norm that I don't even have to invent it. Not always cricket, can be the behaviour of a teacher, a priest, friends, enemies and being in the right or wrong place at the right or wrong time. Whatever happens, we adapt. And the vision we end up with is most often a product of reality rather than possibility.

All eyes (human and animal) are turned to the future. - Leonardo da Walker

All human eyes are turned to the future. We stress over it. We have anxiety about it. We get depressed because of it. An incident in the past can create a profound difference in our trajectory toward the future. We may even become risk averse as a result of an incident that didn't even happen to us but to a friend or relative. We learn, absorb, develop expectations, and avoidances that can really shift the course of our lives. We can marry people based on those events, get sick because of them or become enormously wealthy as a result.

The icons of industry and leadership, Steve Jobs, for example, was he the genius or totally fucked up to such an extent that this sequence of events left him no option other than to live his crazy. Simply because he didn't have an option...

99% of all Visions create by people are at best, rhetorical bullshit. - Leonardo da Walker


All visions are true. If you say "I want it" then you set in train a series of events that are out of your control. Be aware of this.

A vision written in a state of desperation will cause significant turbulence in the process of bringing it to reality. It is wise to check that you've not written a "GOT TO" vision. This is why it is best to do a vision setting exercise while sitting in nature with a glass of red of an evening when the dust of the day has settled and you feel at peace. (often with a full tummy)

In your new vision you are asking the key questions to the big nowhere in the sky. Get used to the concept of talking to the "big nothing" because the answers are out there in what is called the "AKASHIC RECORD" - which, in Aussie means, "the sky."

Talking to the sky is important for everyone. Call it God, angel, universe, eagle, mountain, shiva, whatever you like just make sure you look up and know that you and it are connected and can't be disconnected.

Disconnection from the sky is impossible but the perception of disconnection is dangerous. It means we become self-sufficient lunatics running the asylum. Then, the lower reaches of human nature kick in... Should, Got to, Need to, Want to ... and these have a particularly rough journey ahead.

Rough because there is a huge discrepancy between those layers of thought and reality. They create ups without downs, highs without lows, and as such, lead to massive amounts of guesswork, risk taking, gambling and worst of all, habits in the day, that don't create what we want in the future. (eating a burger and wanting to lose weight as an example)

  1. If you couldn't fail, what would you love to be do and have in each area of life.
  2. What would you be willing to pay (sacrifice) to get it?
  3. What fear does this be, do, have -- have sitting underneath it? (eg, great relationship has fear of separation)
  4. If all of the things you'd love to be, do and have came true, what would you do with your time to make the world a better place  ...?
  5. What are your four top priorities that if you do them, your key vision comes to life.
  6. How would that person who has all those be, do, have's behave?

Write it down...

  1. Purpose + (tent pole)
  2. Thought + (you bring about what you think about)
  3. Vision + (see above)
  4. Affirmation (Words of Power) + 
  5. Feeling + (Enthusiasm)
  6. Writing in Space and Time +
  7. Persistent Action with Energy on + (Habits)
  8. Matter +
  9. Thankfulness +

=======. Creation / Manifestation

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