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Why are goals so difficult to achieve and write? It's often because we're encouraged to think big, actually, bigger than we can imagine.

At the boundary between imagination and the unimaginable sits a field of ground we call BS.

Stretch your imagination to the limit and you'll find a point at which your personal radar triggers and you will retreat from the thought. This point is a very important point. It is where goals become lies and lies become hopes and hopes become a spin of a roulette wheel.

Think your imagination and you will end up in a prison of your own making. Such a place is a hell on earth. Small, tense and dark, factual, story less.

In between these two are a distinct spread of lunacy and manifestation of reality. Where one starts and the other begins is anyone's guess. Imagine Einstein telling people he was going to do what he did. Nuts? or Genius?

The thing about imagination is to strip the emotion from it. If I imagine a "glorious" result I'm embedding the feeling of feeling great in with the imagination. Hence I begin to salivate already, just by imagining a juicy, wet, delicious, ice-cream! Or I can go into a panic attack from imagining there is a danger to my life lurking outside my back door when it's the wind blowing.


Mind noise is the enemy of imagination. A person in a state of anxiety will dream of the opposite. The imagination is subordinate to the emotions that sit beneath it. If there is pain, the imagination is driven to relief. If there is loneliness the imagination takes a trip down fantasy lane. This is a key. A vision is stripped of emotion, and then, once delivered on paper, we put it back in.

While we can't be completely sure that your imagination is isolated to truth, we can be sure that if there is emotion involved, it will be "distracted." Hence, the use of imagination keeps us both childlike in our fresh awareness and somewhat exposed to BS.

Some people imagine the worst. Some imagine the best. This part of the emotional spectrum is a clue to the importance of imagination. The effect of imagining the worst is a real defensive strategy for everything. This is healthy. The effect of imagining the best, is opportunistic growth that may never have happened without the imagined view.

This leaves us in a healthy place. Imagine the worst and make sure you have a strategy for dealing with it. Then imagine the best and create the fertile soil for it to grow.

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