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#22 Nature and Intuition

We cannot live without nature. The air we breathe is nature's byproduct. The water we drink is nature's gift. The food we eat is all, at some point, from nature. We are nature and when we feel that connection it is good.

We are moving in a technologically advancing world. Digitisation is advancing civilisation. We are moving, evolving, and there is no going backward, no matter how awful it feels, the shape of life is advancing away from the definition of nature as we knew it.

Once a green tree was the symbol of nature. Now it can be a microchip. We are moving. Rapidly moving. Some are adapting. Some are not. Medicine takes good care of those who do not move, it, medicine, and hospital science is the most expensive evolutionary seminar on earth.

What do you know right now about nature?

Global warming, rain forest devastation, carbonised atmosphere's, acid rain, nuclear fallout and the extinction of specie. We are fighting a battle trying to preserve the destruction of nature as we know it. And we grieve the losses, understandably so.

But there is another viewpoint.

One that suggests that nature is more powerful that we give it credit for. For example: plankton is the new rainforest, producing more than the total Amazon rainforest produces in a year, per day. The science of the environment is highly polluted not by industrial waste, but more so, by emotional science. We do not understand nature any more than we understand the true beginnings of the universe.

This article however is not designed to liberate polluters from guilt, nor create a mass consciousness of unconsciousness, but more to reveal that some of the thinking we apply to everyday life might not be accurate and, for those inaccuracies, we, individually and collectively, might be paying a very dear price.

Our intuition requires silence and yet a mind filled with anxiety and emotion cannot be quiet. Therefore, it is our social and business responsibility to explore our thinking and test it to see if we have become corrupted in our understandings of how things work. Emotional in other words. even emotional intelligence is considered in nature, a fraud.

Do you know Nature's Laws? Can you apply them in love and life? If not, your intuitions might be just animal instinct and highly inaccurate, your intuitions might simply be emotional guesswork, and inspiration, the highest form of intuition, might simply be a fantasy dream.

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