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#24 Intuition - Have something to be intuitive about ...

Flying a plane? Use instruments, not intuition. Is it going to rain tomorrow? Look up the app. Is the cost of oil going up or down? Read the AFR. Is the surf going to be great in January? Read the weather prediction.

Use intuition for stuff there's no app for. And avoid guessing.

What are you good at? What's your mission? What is your single important goal for 2021? The answers to this will tell you what your intuition will be good at predicting.

Are you going on a date? Questioning whether the guy is right for you? Or the woman you dated last month is worth calling again. Do not use intuition. It'll lie to you. Don't trust your intuition on matters of necessity. Do not trust intuition on matters of gambling. Do not trust other people's intuition on matters of life and death. Not unless it's your surgeon and then, I'd predict your surgeon is not operating on their intuition either.

But when it comes to your primary goal for 2021 - use your intuition as much as possible. That's a really great place to start it.

The more you talk about something the more likely your intuition will begin to focus on it. Hence, the person who wants to build something special, say, your prime goal for 2021, will talk and talk and talk about it, and that's fantastic. It's like calling all angels to work on the goal. This is the key, to focus on the goal, not the problems you get on the way to it. Problems are just speed bumps.

Intuitions are awesome. They are 100% accurate. But only on your single pointed focus. Be aware.

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