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Are You Going Around in Circles?

Last year, maybe you found things annoying in life. Maybe the same things annoyed you about people last year as they did the year before? Did you hear yourself say "that always annoys me when people do that?"

After reading 10,000 books on personal development you may add some value to your life, but has it eliminated any of those things you say annoy you? Does your friend still push that same button, or has someone else taken their place? Does your relationship still have weak spots like the year before and the year before?

Real Change Starts Here

What you judge in your dad or mum, you breed in your children, attract in a partner or become. Why? To help you change that's why. If you're judging the same old shit in mum and dad, or mum or dad, you're seriously mentally, emotionally and spiritually stuck in a very dangerous cycle. Why dangerous? Because each year you deny yourself the right to process that baggage, it gets more serious, the impact gets bigger, the challenge to your career and health grows until you might even start to worry about your future or take up a few health problems.

Processing your baggage means you get fresh issues to deal with this year. That might not sound like a great reward for some personal development but just ask the person who starts to see all the character traits they swore they'd get away from in Dad or Mum or ex-partner, re-appearing in a new partner, boss or their children. It's no joke.

So, how about a shift in consciousness as a new year gift to yourself. Maybe its time to sit down honestly and find out what your "ground hog day" issues are, spend a few hours processing it and move to new problems. There's nothing worse than the same old patterns repeating and frustrating you year after year. Nor does it make the future sound very exciting when you feel bound up in a relationship with someone at work or at home who pushes the same old buttons as last year, and the year before.

Consciousness means grow bigger, see things different. Can you, for example, see the two sides of some human trait you might think as right or wrong? Maybe it's time to take a good hard look at whether you're evolving into new fresh challenges of growth, or going around in circles, and if you are going around in circles, repeating old stuff over and over, take a moment to process it. This makes the future so much better and more inspiring than a ridiculous new year resolution that you fail to apply about 5 days after you make it.

Finally, be aware of gravitating to polarity. Polarised people argue, get depressed, end up hating themselves and not doing so well in life. That inner terrorist of self depreciating thinking isn't a good friend, and only you can change it.

Review and improve last year, but please, evolve your consciousness on human traits and remember the 1% rule, which is "1% change in a day means 100% over 100 days, 200% in 200 days" and this is how we grow.

Enjoy, with Spirit


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