Setting the Foundations For Life

I've noticed an avalanche of powerful men and women growing a massive following on social media advocating a very tough state of mind. Big powerful people who can jump through flames, box, kick, do chin-ups and have six packs. They link clearly the state of mind they use for physical strength to building business strength. To make millions of dollars, do a million pushups.

The wonderful thing about this is the kickback from their generation which comes out of soft parenting. Not all these advocates of "hard is best" come out of a soft world but most of their social media audience do. So, they are appealing to an audience who've grown up thinking soft is best. Environmentally conscious, socially aware, politically correct, latte drinking, biodynamic eating, gluten free soft centred people. People who've grown up disconnected from their grit.

Hence, hard is best is a rebound from soft is better.

However, the new hard they are promoting is not the old hard. Whereas "harden up" was once a socially unconscious, macho, aggressive bullying of self or other, this new hard is much, much more sophisticated. This new "hard" has evolved. It is a sophisticated application of the half of ourselves that is strong and rather than use it in defence, these new advocates are suggesting we use it for a purpose that is opportunistic, such as goal achievement and wealth creation.


It's too easy to diminish this new hard in the interests of being liked, friendly, kind, gentle and compliant. We all have this soft centre and the generation that this new hard is being promoted too, more than any. They learned that being a good person was the secret to happiness. Meditation, yoga, pilates, vegan and the party drugs that come with it, are all a part of the effort to create an environmentally friendly, socially equitable and equal opportunity world. This generation and those either side of it have either caused or innocently participated in the remedy for some of the greatest social dilemma's the planet faces. They have also been disheartened by the fact that social change in Bondi beach for example, doesn't translate across to the other side of Western Sydney let alone, Africa and parts of Asia (Even Trump politics).

The push for selfishness is a healthy one. All boats rise on a rising tide, but the leaders don't come from that pool. Evidence is clear, if you want to be successful in this life, being soft isn't the road, nor is fighting for separate bins for plastic. Those battles are behind us now. They are still unfinished but hold no container for the hardness we all have within. The new hard, is focussed on what can be changed, and changed immediately, your body and wealth.

With brutally tough regimes on body sculpting, kick boxing and anger direction, these new social gurus are selling hope in a new format. They're moving the target from "save the planet" to "save yourself" and it truly has, as you'll know already, benefits and drawbacks.

Building a foundation in life from a sculptured body or the inevitable "follow the herd" online training business that will come from it, selling memberships and online development with videos and powders to build your body, is the perfect Covid business. Those with the looks and the brains to work out how social media works, who hook their wealth creation to online marketing as demonstrated beautifully in "social Dilemma" on Netflix, are making a fortune. The recipients are benefiting hand over fist with train the coach two day certifications and questionable knowledge depth and passing it on. People are learning to "harden the fuck up" as one "billionaire" puts it. And, rightly so... the world is getting tougher, we need to evolve, emotionally and mentally as well as physically to cope. And sitting on a cushion wishing things were different (some call this meditation but it's not) is just not going to build a birds nest let alone a life.

The Dark Side

Just like corporate training promotes the analytical, emotionally intelligent and clear thinking side of us, "harden up" training promotes a very very functionally important part of our disposition. These "one sided" training process achieve their end. The corporate training creates productivity, it has no other mission, and the "harden the fuck up" training creates self belief, it has no other mission. But what both one sided trainings cannot embrace without confusing their message and messing with the minds of their audience, is the other side...

The other side of "harden up" is not soft. Because their definition of "hard" isn't the old definition. What they teach is incredibly centred. "Harden the fuck up" now includes love, kindness, care, compassion, it now has a spiritual edge woven into it, and it's 100% goal directed. Everything we could dream of in a new paradigm to overcome the mental illness that is plaguing the world. It is a remedy with a poison built into it. What it doesn't embrace, is truth.

Every-time a human being gives over to productivity based personal development some part of them dies in order to embrace the learning. Similarly, every-time a person embraces the "harden up, more pushups is better" the world wins and loses. And the loss is significant. Actually, it's exactly the same as the win value.

In two thousand years time how important will muscular strength be in determining who owns the resources of the earth, and how important will monetising training on the internet be to the wellbeing of an individual? Even cut that from two thousand to twenty, and the same answer will apply. ZERO...

What will be the loss from the pursuit of productivity training and "harden up" polarity? The answer is "INTUITION."


It is nearly impossible to convince an individual who is in the midst of productivity training or "harden up" development that they are going in a polarising direction. I know it even in my own home with my partner who is an elite athlete. Intuition is the sacrificial lamb of the drive for goal achievement, and yet, in the higher realms of leadership and life, of personal and social awareness, it is the compass that guides, it is the voice of the soul, it is truth, and without it, we become an implement of the system, rather than the leader of it.

Intuition is not love, intuition is not a sense, it can't speak or smell, it can't see or even feel. Intuition cannot hear or taste and yet, it sits behind everything. A child has none of it. But soon learns it. In its lowest form intuition is instinct. And this can become complicated and it is why people will not teach or encourage it in polarity training (harden up or be productive). Mixed into the pot of intuition at a very young age is doubt, thinking, emotion, memory, conditioning, and expectations. A stew of feelings, and self talk that puts a deep and incredibly suspicious cloud over anything we call an intuition. As a result, we become driven by emotions, thoughts, beliefs, and mind, the polarity training programs reinforce the strengthening of these elements in order to avoid the grey fog of intuition.

Intuition is the new weak. Intuition is the new corporate "vulnerability." Intuition is the new "weird" and therefore we are building a world in which it is diminished in importance. And yet...

At an elite level of life, love, success and performance, it is everything. No amount of pushups, no amount of "social media" and no amount of productively designed character, hard or soft, is going to reach the top and stay there in any field of life without Intuition. If you ask someone today what their intuition says about something, you'll witness a hesitation while they reach into the "stew" and try to summarise the flavours. Emotions, beliefs, thoughts, conditioning, expectations, feelings will collaborate to create an answer for you. But this is not intuition.


Inspiration is the highest form of intuition. But if we are struggling to harness, find and trust our intuitions, what hope is there for tapping an inspiration? For the greater part, most people are struggling to find instinct (the lowest form of intuition) let alone intuition. We are losing connection to intuition and as we do, losing connection to the beauty and simplicity of reality.

If we can label "harden up" and "be productive" training as "lower mind" development there is some hope and those who can do so, will potentially leave the space for "higher mind" development for intuition. Without it, life plateaus at "fit and wealthy" - "promoted and paid" at best. It will never rise to "thought leadership" or "authenticity" or even "global best" - mediocre is the highest achievable goal without intuition.

Intuition must be taught. It is not a matter of adding something, but rather the ability to move the stew aside for a few moments in order to experience what is already there, and doing it often enough in low valence environments on smaller topics in order to master and trust intuition in larger matters.

Here are a few questions your intuition has answers to, see how you respond:

  1. What age will you be at death?
  2. Are you on the right track with your health?
  3. Is there a better way to do your job?
  4. Do you have enough wealth?
  5. Where will you be next year and is that Ok?

Intuition Training

Intuition training is amazing and perfect when done one on one. It is one of the primary aims of Innerwealth Life Mastery Coaching. Unpacking the stew and yet staying "goal committed" is a big, beautiful journey. Congratulations if you are on it. Welcome anytime if you are not... Either way, please share this article if may even save a wasted life.

with inspiration,


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