"Give me a few hours by myself, let me alone, shut out all interruptions, and I can bring myself down to my work. I take my pen in hand. I write a few thoughts. I see the future. And realize my responsibility. The more I think of the duty placed on me, the graver since my responsibility. Every idea has weight. I can see the effect of days ahead."

Authenticity is the most vital and the most essential faculty in human life, because it determines the future. A person bemoaning the past creates their own future pain. A person hating someone in the past creates the in a new form in their future. A person judging the past guarantees their future to include what they judge. Our in authentic experiences and memories of the past, resentment, anger, bitterness and pain guarantee that we will suffer those humilities in the future.

Authenticity, raw honesty, is the faculty that should be cultivated by all people because it creates their future.Prediction of the future, by aligning authentic self awareness and ambitions for the future guarantees harmony and success. Nature intends it. She uses this future prediction with all forms of life lower than man to care for themselves. She also plants the need - desire for its knowledge, in every human mind, and where people have acted on its impulses they have outstripped all others in the race for success.The person who looks ahead with, honesty, humility and integrity of the present reality creates the clearest vision and has become the leader in whatever walk of life they have chosen.Therefore, because the past has created the present, there is no need to study the present. We must then turn 100% of our attention to determine those behaviors today that will create the future we desire tomorrow. Once tomorrow arrives it is too late to change it. All cause of the future is either in the present or the past. 

Future seeing must take higher priority above all other studies, above all other forms of human effort, above all other powers that raise people to higher planes, and above all other faculties with which the mind is capable. There is no education that can compare with future seeing in the value of its results. It stands faraway above and beyond all other considerations, reaching out, as it does, into the coming years and beyond the grave to eternity.You must take into your heart that any bad emotion that you carry now, from your past, will in itself guarantee the future you least choose. It will contaminate and destroy family and relationships, and most importantly, through depression and mental health problems, it will destroy health. Make it you commitment this day to find integrity in relation to past events. Determine if you are secretly harboring regret, resentment, anger, pain, loss or grief. And if so, set about to transform those perceptions to appreciation. Nothing in the past is worthless. 

Everything had a benefit and drawback, you must find both, and then focus on the affirmative, the positive. It is the only authentic way to release the past’s affect on your future destiny.We encourage you to set aside everything else that will distract you from this authenticity at lease once every day. If you examine the past once it is likely that your first layer will be reached. If you examine it a second time, take those vital parts of it and let them seep deep into your mind, reaching the second layer. When you have examined the past twice, made comments and notes to yourself, then you are prepared for the final phase of authenticity. Release must come through the subconscious. You must be ready to fall asleep at night soon after making the past event into a balanced, appreciative experience. You must fall asleep at night with thankfulness for the past, either yesterday or 80 years gone, each layer will reveal another. The results will amaze you. But note, only one event can be absorbed at a time.Have your note book near your bed, open it to any memory you may jot down during the day and test yourself to see if you can remember both the good and the bad side of that. Fall asleep remembering the good. Keep your thoughts on that lesson and fall asleep trying to understand its gift. Your last thoughts before you sleep will be on thankfulness

Finding Your True Nature –

The result is that it’s ideas will pass through to your subconscious mind, as sleep allows you to enter the realms of consciousness below the surface of thought.On the same principle, whatever occupies the subconscious mind as you enter sleep will be manifest in the earth plane in the day. An intense urgency of thought in the last waking moments, becomes a prayer. Such thinking is always fruitful. So thankfulness for the past will release your mind during sleep to create the future un burdened with judgments, fears and regrets about the past. The future pictures that create future destiny will be clear. This is true prayer as opposed to mumbling prescribed text and remaining unbridled in negative or judgmental thinking.Remember that every giant mind of the past has, without being taught, adopted this habit of absorption at night before going to bed. Daniel Webster, with the Bible, Milton and Shakespeare, all these people dropped asleep night after night, working out their destiny.

Future Seeing – Tapping the Deeper Mind -- Success

There is a cause for everything and knowing that cause serves one purpose only, that is to provide for the life ahead. Everywhere nature takes care of life until such time as that life can be spared. Prediction of the future, is the key for success. Tapping the source of future prediction is essential to life. Yet, for most, the pursuit of success is filled with worry and anxiety and therefore aggression and attachment. Such is the normal life of the ambitious person whose nervous system is so heavily taxed that their health begins to suffer, their nervous stability is undermined and they are bought to their knees with mental health problems.Such aggression applied to the path of success is only necessary when there is no certainty of the future, a surface perspective. Fear of the future breads anxiety about it. 

Ambition without intelligence breeds excess and from this an individual will One great trouble with people is that they don’t allow important thoughts to enter the deeper layers of the mind, the permanent memory. Ideas that enter the outer layer only, are soon forgotten when they are should be retained. Tension, worry, stress and ambition keep the mind on the surface. Friends, gossip, telephone conversations, worry, talking and rushing about going no where keep the mind on the surface. One this surface there can be no certainty. Therefore the worried person, who has anxiety of the future, enters a vicious cycle of thought. Their mind cannot enter the realm of future seeing, therefore stays uncertain, and their anxiety can only be cured by such certainty. One breads the other until a nervous breakdown brings all to a deeper, albeit uncomfortable, depth.The deeper layers of the mind is like a sea that is everywhere. The same sea that is in your mind is in the minds of every human being on earth. It is a medium of communication between you and all people who live. For a long time it has been known as the subconscious faculty. But it is deeper than that. Sub consciousness is personal. This deeper layer is universal. It belongs to no one as a universal soup belongs to no one. It can be tapped, it can be contributed to but it cannot be owned.I think of the first layer of thought as one that receives passing information only, and discards it as soon as it is used. I think of the second layer as a storehouse of memory, by which all human conduct is guided and all experience made relevant. I think of the third, or deeper layer as a sea in which the mind dwells and which surrounds the earth.The first two layers belong to the individual; that is, they belong to you and are yours alone. The third layer is a common domain, a boundless ocean that brings its wisdom to your mind, an ocean that you know little about. Values come and go, they are of the second layer, and only the deep thinker, the inventor, the artist, the poet, the genius catches occasional glimpses of the ocean and seizes once in a while, a prize. It is not to say that these people to not experience the pains of life. Because one cannot dwell permanently in this third or deeper zone. Such is the aspiration of the Yogi in a cave, but such people are usually immune from worldly pursuits. Einstein would lock himself in a basement for days, during which he would enter that deeper realm and then emerge, to the surface and be a crazy as the next person.

How to gain access to this deeper mind?

Great composers, artists and inventor's have always had the capacity to be alone for extended periods of time. Edison, lived, ate and slept in his workshop laboratory for weeks at a time, because he needed to be alone. Interruptions bring the mind back to the surface layers. It is only through the depth of aloneness and silence that the mind can access the great ocean, it is from there it can tap discoveries. Edison knew this and has stated the fact, hundreds of times. To be alone, to allow the mind to pass from its workday layers down to the universal sea, is the secret.Some children are called hyperactive, some adults talk on the phone or gossip, others talk to themselves. These people avoid the contact with deeper realms of mind. These are the people who live by emotion, unable to delay, even for a second the gratification of the surface mind, emotion or feeling. They have lost the discipline of focus and concentration.Some day the deeper layer will become much more acknowledged. It will be acknowledged as a vital part of the solution to depression and uncertainty, it will become a vital part of life and business because it is the key to the prediction of the future.. An era of honesty will be necessary.The creative mind taps the universal sea; and, while a person knows very little of its contents, they are inspired by it. All great thought comes from this level of awareness.If the time should ever come when people have the power to connect with universal minds, the result will be a remaking of the conditions that exist on earth. This power prevails in a very limited degree today, but, it is slowly increasing and it is evidently a major goal of life. Humanity of the future depends on it.

"Give me a few hours by myself, let me alone, shut out all interruptions, and I can bring myself down to my work. I take my pen in hand. I write a few thoughts. I see the future. And realize my responsibility. The more I think of the duty placed on me, the graver since my responsibility. Every idea has weight. I can see the effect of days ahead."

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