Clearing Your Head and Why Walking is Not the Best Way

Do you remember the Seinfeld episode where George was bullied by his sport trainer at high school? Well, it seems he’s not alone. Now Apple and all the other fitness programs have launched “walk with ya” podcasts, mainly about nothing, so that you can go for a walk and not feel alone.

The irony of this is that going for a walk is a good time to be alone. And for many, the EarPods can be discarded for 30-40 minutes while they smell the roses and enjoy the peace of nature. Of course, when we are worried, filled with anxiety, stressed, and - in a word, emotional, then, filling up our ears with someone else’s blah blah is much much better than listening to our own head rattle away, over and over again about something we typically can’t do anything about.

Enter Innerwealth:

The purpose of a walk is not to “clear your head.” How many times have you heard people say that? “I’m going for a walk to “clear my head.” The walk just takes you further away from the source of the disturbance. The walk doesn’t clear your head, time and space does. But at Innerwealth, we don’t like clumsy old school process like time and space to clear our head.

We use the genius of the mind itself to clear the head.

Given that the mind causes the problem of a “not clear head” why would we waste hours when we can resolve things in minutes? Life in the fast lane needs solutions to suit. We definitely know the cost of an unclear head, and can empathise with those who need to walk long distances away from drama in or to get clear, but what happens when we return to the proximity of the drama? Well, if space cleared it, space returns it. How many of us have walked away from a drama “I’m going down the beach” to get away from a turmoil at home, resolved it with distance, presumed it’s all fixed, and then walked right back in to find nothing changed? All of us have.

The mind, in Innerwealth language has seven levels. The lowest is awful, but useful in emergencies. The highest is blissful but absolutely useless in solving problems. We end up with a range of choices of when and where to use each level of the mind, knowing clearly that the more we use the lower levels, the shorter we live, and the more we use the higher levels, the less functional we become in society. It’s more like playing a piano and choosing the whole keyboard instead of just one note, Middle C, for everything (bored to death).

Yes, go for a walk, but resolve your problems, clear your head, before you leave and then, if you need to listen to something either educate yourself or listen to some music that puts a spring in your step.

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