Every Job Has a Soul

Every job has a soul. Find it and you will find satisfaction. Lose it and you will struggle. As every human being has a soul and therefore is worthy of love no matter what their pre-disposition, every job is worthy of love no matter what it involves.

The soul of a job is, like the human soul, sometimes hidden amongst so much fluff that it’s hard to find. Books, corporate training, idealism, florescen lights and self-imposed ideologies about people and how jobs should and shouldn’t be causes a “job ego.” And once a job is surrounded by “job Ego” the soul of it is lost.

What are the ingredients of “Job Ego”?

What are the ingredients of “Job Ego”?

Domestic relationships that are at best “bullying”

A business infrastructure that has created a 360 degree “what I think about you” feedback toxin

Work for pay incentives (unbalanced company vision)

Individuals who are personally bereft of inspiration in life hoping their work will bridge the self-respect gap.

Books, Ted talks and other self-guided personal improvement process that feed the identity and bypass  truth.


  1. Inspire the Individual. This is the first step in stripping away “Job Ego” that blocks the soul of a job. To do this is simple. We acknowledge that a balanced person is an inspired person and a balanced person is balanced in all seven areas of life.
  2. Balance the company vision. 99.9999% of the time company vision is out of balance and this coats every job, every employee and every client in a sticky goo that slows everything down into what I call a fail to the “drop knife test. (See more on this in our executive training program.)
  3. Link 1 and 2. Only when there is alignment between the individual and the balanced vision of a firm will the soul of a job become grasped. 

Inspire the individual

What is balance in each area of life? And How do you achieve it?

It is most convenient for the day of this writer to only deliver a small fragment of this answer. But I will do my best to explain what I can.

We are nature and therefore, in contrast to what we think we can do, we can’t fight nature’s universal laws. They exist and make everything exist. Stars to dust and all in between including our body and soul.

But there is something that comes between “what we think we can think” and “what we can think” - our Ego. This complex animal “the Ego” is composed of all sorts of education, experience, DNA passed meme’s and Genes. It’s a big bundle of wool not unlike that huge roll of wool that grandma used to make a jumper out of. Intertwined threads that roll into other threads, twisted around other threads which are in themselves, twisted. It’s the foundation of our identity and is composed of three essential ingredients. “The Past” “The Present” and “The Future.”

So our ego at home, in family life wraps itself into our experience of being at home. We wish some of the good of the past would travel forward with us. We hope none of the bad of the past will present itself. The present arrives without invitation and we experience the feelings associated with it both good and bad. We start to feel good and bad and this is where balance goes out the window. We start to become bullied, we bully kids and partner so we feel more good than bad. This in turn corrupts the future because we add the past things we don’t want to the feelings of the present we don’t enjoy to a picture of the future. And so, expectations arrive. We start living with expectations. So our expectations become more important than reality. We expect all sorts of stuff. Whether that stuff is painless living, kids to be mirrors of what we expect or jobs that don’t interrupt life, just pay bills, it’s all illusion built on expectations, false expectations and these form the first layer of JOB EGO. Blocking the Soul of a Job immediately.


What is a vision really? It is not what most people think. A vision is the intersection of three important and individual components that when added together create a result greater than the parts. There are many names for this. I won’t overload you now. But as Body, Mind and Spirit must work together for a human being to engage fully in their work, so too there are body, mind and spirit for a job. The three must FIT. We call them by different names in a company vision: Strategy, structure and culture. Most often they are way out of balance. With that imbalance it becomes a moving target for the soul of a job to be identified.


Take company A. The executive have a strategy. THis is translated through a series of targets to the team and employees. People know what’s exected of them only in the language of their specific role. Then there’s behaviour that is described in the language of culture, values, expectations and HR feedback which is always a mess. Strategy and culture misaligned. Now add structure where remuneration, organisation and competitive management are designed based on who is sucking up to whom. Or worse. A balanced vision brings the three elements of body, mind, spirit together and this, in business, Strategy, structure and culture is the winning edge. Balanced vision.


More about this another day....

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