The first step towards strength is personal dependence; the ability to depend almost solely on oneself. It is not the same as personal independence, as that excludes other people. You must learn to work with others. They are made to support your path. Depend on your own efforts and your own energy, and make all progress you can in the world by inspiring others in your team. Be dependent, not independent; dependent on yourself almost wholly as far as power or purpose is concerned, and dependent on others for manifestation. Be the master of your own world.When a person is so weak as to consult an Oracle, they cease to command the respect of nature. When they ask a fortune teller to outline their future occupation, they sabotage their own journey. When people run to a fortune teller, an astrologer, or Oracle for guidance, their fates are sealed. Nature selects her favorites, but never from this class of people. She errs on the side of the strong at heart. She has the power to make or break any human being. Do not forget this great fact. You cannot afford to antagonize nature, for she is the controlling force of life.When nature becomes your enemy you are the target of all her antagonisms and she carries many in her equipment. Backed by 8000 diseases and the countless dangers posed you, all added, she is able to challenge you at an any angle of your existence; and nothing that you can do will save you from her fury. It is therefore wise to align with her will, rather than your own folly, ego or intent.

The strong person never dies young; rarely by accident, for nature takes care of those who are on purpose. The intense, committed, on purpose, devoted people live as long as they are useful in the world. Those with emotional unconsciousness, with no active purpose, who fill their lives with the lowest of priorities, are of no value to nature and are in constant argument with natures intention.No wonder the righteous die young. They are weak as a rule. They have the willpower of water and the backbone of jellyfish. They offend no depth, and therefore are nothing but just good, negatively good, weekly good, morally good, but not vitally good. The moral law is made solely to keep tempted persons out of temptations; but strong people know nothing of temptations. They rise out of them as a cumulous cloud clears the fogs on the swamps.

Nature's purpose

She drives straight to the point, and cares nothing for the agony of her subjects. Nothing has ever happened without her consent. There was once a time when most deaths were by violence now they are by accident or disease, but nearly all are the result of a conflict with nature.Physical disease is the result of defiance of the laws of nature, generally by a preceding generation. Harsh as it may seem, the time will come when sickness will be counted as a crime. In the plan of existence there is no room for defiance of the laws of nature. This statement refers not to people who are weak in body only, but to those who are weak in mind, deficient in energy, without purpose, inactive in their duties, and lacking in character.

Natures Rewards

Rewards are granted by nature alone. She can give you long life and health, with ceaseless gratification and a boundless pleasure for your existence, if you are a part of her march of progress. Food and lifestyle must change radically in order for us to appreciate the world in which we live.Today the purpose of living is so vague that most people, can’t see the purpose of trying to live at all. Health must be so improved that it makes every doctor and health retreat the laughing stock of nature. This step is not difficult, as it just waits for the invention of proper food and lifestyle.If you don’t care to cultivate your mind and soul, with commitment and discipline, then you will struggle to find any use what so ever in living. What good value can you be in the world? What have the years ahead install for you that makes you want to remain on earth? The whole generation of which you are a single unit, consists of millions in millions of people; and they as a whole constitute just one step on the evolution of humanity. Your role is not insignificant. Every atom is important to nature. You are a huge mass of them. She will not waste the resource. Should you think that it is possible, to waste your life, then nature will act in accord with her own laws and make best use of her resource. You will be challenged.

Why would people remain here to worry and to suffer burdens, and see no relief, just to breathe, eat, get rich, sleep and die? Take a different view, take courage, nature has a place for you and you are made of the right stuff. It is a commitment to usefulness that is the difference. There are those who speak of nothing but themselves and they are the underlings. They can see no other world other than their own mind, mirror and bank book. They are not wrong, only small. The masses that come and go are in the great melting pot of nature; but those who rise up in their mind with hearts open, a committed will and with souls of iron are never lost.

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