1. All fear, and every allied emotion is non magnetic (energy draining and energy sucking)
  2. All fear can only be of the future
  3. Hence, the elimination of fear and all allied emotions, paves the way to the future.

Courage is the absence of fear.

There is the lack of fear caused by ignorance. This is the first level and lowest level of courage. In this level we do not recognise danger. Naivety. Like a child.

There is the lack of fear caused by the aggressive principle which overcomes fear internal and external. This is the highest level. Mental and emotional courage.It is independent of physical conditions. it comes, in short, from mental and moral characteristics.

Moral courage is extremely magnetic (powerful and attractive)

Courage is a feeling:

  1. Physical Feeling
  2. Intellectual Feeling
  3. Moral Feeling

All courage is magnetic in its influence on the individual.

You may not need courage, but each act of feeling courageous, adds to the tone of your life.

  • Physical courage -  every cell of your body becomes active. Nerves are electric. Muscles are ready. Brain is excited. Human will is charged with intense impulse - aroused physical energy - whole body is agreeable. Harmonic, entire organism activated, ready for actions and powerful.
  • Intellectual Courage. Mental is always the start of visionary movement. Inspires action. Physical endurance comes from this. Body becomes daring and engaged. When mind assumes a place of courage, it tones the brain and body, it is a tonic on mind, you become inspired, inspirations. But a physically timid, intellectual hero, is not toned.
  • Moral Courage. The human will is always the prime factor in in the culture and use of courage. The will should have every possible reinforcement. The will opponents should be reduced. "Will, strengthens rather weakens a person and helps to employ skill, diplomacy, indirect methods, forces which disorganise the opposition or win it over" The Art of War.

Courage feeling issues from feelings of adequacy - being able - you can cultivate this with self-talk:

"I am perfectly equal (adequate) to anything that may come up in my life" - Leonardo da Walker

Regimes for Physical Courage

  1. Maintain a constant assumption that you are courageous.
  2. Cultivate and preserve an abiding sense of great inner energy
  3. Minimise fear by minimising the imaginary consequences of every situation (if i die doing this it's ok)
  4. Keep cool especially on great occasions. Be alert, maintain indifference and keep the fires of the soul bring to the max with self confidence, internal energy and faith in the bigger system of life. To go out present in mid ocean or in battle or business is not so bad.]
  5. Do not confuse fear feeling with fear thought. You can repress associated ideas of weakness, inadequacy, hurt and fright by substitution - power, ability, safety, and a firm footing.

Regimes for Intellectual Courage

  1. Observe physical courage regimes
  2. Become committed to being and having a "free mind" consistent with self-interest and other interest.
  3. Stick to your convictions and deliver these in reality with validity. (be able to defend) - express them in all conduct.
  4. Treat yourself and your life as a live hypothesis, ie Real, Worthwhile and sure of Success. Cultivate egotism, and a vivd sense of your right to exist and feel, and think, to act in your own way and live out, for yourself, the best career possible. (keep in mind both self and other interests)
  5. Cultivate and create and maintain the greatest possible sense of inner mental energy in all your thinking think vigourously. Self Talk... "I AM A FEARLESS POSITIVE SPIRIT"
  6. Be mentally free... "I am mentally free. Mine is the courage of the Free Brain."


Regimes for Moral Courage

  1. Live from this moment on, according to the golden rule - such a life harmonises and your inner forces, start and continue to create the finest visions and thoughts in the brain, blood, tueeue and every outward reception. Harnessing mental powers. This inspires courage because it disarms apprehension of things going wrong, bad consequences, and vibrates attractively to all those around you. Life been not declare its intention to keep up its courage, your action is enough tonic to the spirit.
  2. Minimise by skill the misdirection of your moral direction and use diplomacy to capture the forces of moral direction, because every time you succeed morally, mo matter how, you build moral courage.
  3. Revere the infinite within you - to revere that in heart and mind, revere the infinite as superior to yourself, as a friend to you, place absolute confidence in the workings of the universe including the collaboration with you to cause your results.
  4. Practice giving your sane moral impulses, instincts and convictions the fullest force and freedoms.
  5. Resolve to be mentally and morally free
  6. Treat all moral selfhood as a live hypothesis real, individual and endowed thus and so wholly lawful and significant of a destiny placed solely in your keeping.

The Free Mind is Always Courageous. - Leonardo da Walker

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