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I have taken a long, long road to arrive in this moment of time with you. From the highest of the Himalayan mountains over 50 times, through ashrams of India and the sweat lodges that burned my skin in Canada. Through unspeakable pain, loss in physical and emotional suffering. I have focussed the whole of my life, my 7 years of full time university, over 10,000 books I've read, thousands of hours in Zen meditation, plus seminars, conferences, training in shiatsu, reiki, Tibetan healing, Ayurveda, mythology and metaphysics. Built, sold, failed, succeeded in five business', competed in high level sport and had many relationships that taught me much. I've run over 700 corporate retreats, stood in front of countless audiences, coached and learned from amazing people all over the world, just to be in this time with you. Experience is a bad teacher, but she is mine and that is what I bring to a session with you. My life... One long training ground focussed on that same mission I had as a five year old kid. I've done my homework, and now, What you do with the value of this time is completely up to you. Here is my latest video for you to contemplate...

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