Here are 10 good reasons why Turning Up Fulfilled is wiser the usual way.

The person who measures their life in the smallest increments will be the most fulfilled person, because they will find, in those tiny fragments of time, the joy of life.

A long time ago people were really superstitious and they feared that if they achieved something by illegitimate means then the rewards would also bring problems. The fact is – in a strange way, they were right. The way we do things, the energy we put into projects, the way we go about communicating with people can have a big impact on our vision.

You’ve got to know what you want, clear articulated goals, clear objectives. And that’s the end of it. From that moment you focus on the quality of the doing, to find joy in the doing.

Samurai warriors had the same approach. They would stand to fight each other. Frozen in
time. They knew the outcome that they wanted, and then focused on just one thing, the current moment. The warrior whose concentration could hold the smallest unit of time would hold their strength the longest. Finally, the battle was won when one or the other warrior had a single unfulfilled thought like, “ah now’s my chance I’ll chop him now” and of course in the time that the thought took place, the thinker lost presence, fell out of concentration, and in that window of time - lost their head, literally.

You may build a house but if you forget the little things, the joy of doing along the way, the house will cost more than you can ever imagine. The person who goes to work and has lost the fulfilment of life is chasing it thinking it’s in the work, whatever they do. The person who comes home from work unfulfilled is hoping that their home life will fulfil them, but that will cost more than you will ever imagine.

Here are 10 good reasons why Turning Up Fulfilled is wiser the usual way.

Fulfilment is quite simple. It means living life upside down. You get fulfilled and then you go out and get things. Upside down because the usual motive people have is to go out and get things, do things, in order to be or feel fulfilled. What we know is that this usual motive doesn't work very well. The fulfilment people get that way is short lived and sporadic at best, plus, when fulfilment is dependent of something or someone, emotion creeps in and starts to disrupt our quality of life.

1. Turning Up Fulfilled Creates Healthy Authenticity.
Having a big dream, a vision or as I call it “Your VIP can be incredibly frustrating if you can’t persuade people to invest in it. There is nothing more repelling than a big idea without legs and when I say legs I mean authenticity. Nobody invests in desperation, and if they do, they always regret it. The key to creating a Vision that people engage with and want to be a part of is, ironically, to be fulfilled without it.
Turning Up fulfilled means you are free to be authentic and not arrive needy. There is nothing worse than the feeling of co- dependency on something or someone that can hold you back from being you. Walking on egg-shells or dancing to someone else’s tune is an essential part of getting on with life but if it’s a matter of survival, life or death, success or failure, love or quarrel then it’s really gone to an unhealthy place. By Turning Up fulfilled you can choose to swallow your pride, choose to back down or choose to do some political correctness but it’s not a matter of sink or swim. It’s a wise choice, even compassion requires this to a large degree. Turning up fulfilled therefore gives you freedom of choice that doesn’t feel hypocritical.

2. Turning Up Fulfilled Breaks the Cycle of Frustration.
Have you met people who seem to get elated about a new idea, throw themselves into it boots and all and then, for one reason (or excuse) after another, decide almost as fast as they went into it, to abandon that idea and go chase a new one. The secret here is to Turn up Fulfilled and not start seeking fulfilment from doing, being or having something. That, as you will see, is an unwise approach to everyday life. It blocks happiness and sabotages good.



3. Turning Up Fulfilled Balances You.
It’s easy to look at your friends and think “wow, they are always up, or on a high, or even think people like being around them more than you. That’s an unwise and unbalanced
perspective on life and at the heart of it is a sense that you would be more fulfilled if you changed something about yourself, put on a more entertaining or positive act. But that unbalanced perspective (please call this emotionally unstable) leads to more self- depreciating disappointment. I’d suggest that you’ll achieve more if you nip that unbalanced perspective in the bud and get to like who you are, as you are. No acts. And that simple way to achieve that is to Turn Up fulfilled. Seeking fulfilment from what you are doing, being and having unbalances you at the core and makes your efforts smack of desperation. That in turn puts an aroma around your energy, career and relationship that is needy, insecure and repellant. Nobody enjoys the company of an unfulfilled individual who is grasping for attention in order to compensate... When you Turn Up Fulfilled it makes your decisions wise, your health healthy, your choices emotionally stable and your mind not vulnerable to all sorts of manipulation. In other words you are balanced wherever you are rather than seeking it in crazy notions of work life balance and weekends and holidays. Turning Up Fulfilled means you get, hold a sustain a firm grip on reality.

4. Turning Up Fulfilled Means You Win More Races.
There are a thousand books on leadership, how Steve Jobs et al did it and therefore a thousand models and people you can emulate. But being a team player is, across the board, a generic and important similarity between all the books and models. Being a team player you’ll achieve more at work, be wealthier and have better relationships. in fact, being a team player impacts everything. And what’s the core skill required to be a great team player? Yes, “Turning Up Fulfilled” Sure the VIP differentiates the leader from the follower but it that Vision, Inspiration and Purpose doesn’t sit side by side the skill of being a team player, nobody is going to enjoy, and therefore want, to follow it. The bottom line is that there is a relaxed calm that descends over a person who Turns Up fulfilled. They are what is called “on Purpose” in life and it’s attractive, their decisions are more inspired and their energy is not superior or inferior, it’s about the process and the outcome. A Fulfilled person doesn’t take offence easily and doesn’t offend in order to exert some sort of power game. You have seen it a thousand times with the motto “success breeds success” but it isn’t success that breeds success, it’s fulfilment, because fulfilment means you can relax and allow others to feel engaged in the process. When a person feels fulfilled from the inside they approach life with a more even hand, more self-confident, less reactive, more proactive and rarely desperate. It’s a powerful space that just can’t be imitated with any achievement from what we be, do or have. Just ask yourself whether you want to hang around a boss or partner who is nervous, anxious, panicky and worried all the time or one who is fulfilled, calm, balanced and centred? It’s a simple survey isn’t it?

5. Turning Up In Life Fulfilled Is Also An Amazing Key to Youthfulness and Charisma...
Everybody you meet has moments of youthfulness and charisma. But some people need a few beers, others only do it to entertain the crowd, some do it to cover over depression, and yet others are on an unsustainable high from adrenaline, parties and sex. The youthfulness and charisma that stands the test of circumstances, events,

disasters and time is way different. It’s called “Turning Up Fulfilled.” A blind drive for achievement makes all the beauty around us turn to heaviness. This pulls life and heart down to worry and stress, and by that, everything becomes limited. The first thing to go when we feel limited is self-confidence and with it goes all sense of fun and play. Then, tension mounts and humor is lost, and you will see people age rapidly, put on excessive weight and become old before their time. They eventually get addicted to substitutes and then start to cycle. If that addiction and cyclic energy continues longer than a month it can become a metabolic shift and then the body chemistry develops a pattern, it’s own chemical addiction and that’s even harder to break. Sadly, and most importantly, the more this blind drive for achievement consumes a person, the less likely it is that they’ll live to see the day when their VIP manifests itself. It’s a hard road. It requires huge energy and it creates a continuous struggle to live life driving toward fulfilment. It’s utterly unsustainable and exhausting. Once a person knows how to Turn Up fulfilled there is no need to expend such energy.

5. Turning Up Fulfilled Means You Don’t Get Kicked Around In Life So Much...

My Aunty got her hair caught in one of those old fashioned washing machines where the rollers were at the top of the tub. She leant into the washing machine to get more clothes out and away the hair went. It almost scalped her. When the news arrived at our house, instead of gushing in panic we all just threw our eyes back into the back of our head and went, “oh, no, not again.” This accident was just another drama in the life of my Aunty. From broken legs, to stolen money, to food poisoning, concussion, being ripped off by the roofing guy and the list went on and on and on... I didn’t understand it then, I just thought my Aunty was accident prone, bad luck and all. But now I know different.Wanting to be other than who we are puts us under enormous pressure. When we feel unfulfilled, we don’t think we have enough of anything really, and this drives us to go about over compensating. We overcompensate at work, we overcompensate at home, we overcompensate at golf or at the Casino, or with the Chocolate box or the wine bottle.
Overcompensating means we become careless, in a hurry to “get it done” it’s high maintenance and typically fear driven because there is no trust that life will be ok. There is panic instead of sustained happiness. Sporadic hope and moments of happiness replaces that deep, sustainable and resilient happiness - poor Aunty, she was, as we call it, “stuck in her head” thinking too much. If we’re thinking about tennis while we are mowing the lawn, odds increase that our toes are going to end up in the grass catcher. Far better to Turn Up Fulfilled, mow the lawn and enjoy it, then play tennis and enjoy that too.

6. Turning Up Fulfilled Means You Get the Satisfaction of Putting Your Own Worries Aside and Helping Others...

Pain sucks us into ourselves. It’s meant to. And there’s infinite opportunity for pain. There’s physical pain, like the arthritis that’s creeping up my fingers right now as I type these edits to this booklet. Then there’s emotional pain, like that ache I felt a few months ago when my heart got broken (sounds like a victim statement but it’s not), and then there’s psychological pain from the continual struggle between expectations and reality. Oh, yes, and one more pain, Spiritual pain - lost hope. Pain sucks you inside. The body doesn’t care where it comes from, physical, mental or spiritual, it hurts and it’s uncomfortable and this struggle with pain makes us self-obsessed, it’s meant to. Self- obsession is just another word for healing. So, pain triggers self-obsession, healing, and by that process we are meant to get better. But if that pain is self-feeding, then the cycle becomes a permanent feedback loop, heal, feel, hurt, self obsess. This is really the enemy of VIP. There are a thousand opportunities a day to choose to be stressed (pain) or choose to be fulfilled. It’s a choice but sometimes we’re in a pattern of self-improvement that is a life long quest for fulfilment that will never be won. Fulfilment comes before life, not as a result of it. The greatest happiness you can have is the happiness you give others but while searching for fulfilment you can’t get out of the feedback loop. There’s always another pain to draw you in and that idea translates into any walk of life. The greatest joy comes from leading, guiding or helping others and yet, can’t give what you haven’t got. Fulfilment is therefore the foundation of all giving. By Turning Up Fulfilled for your family you are available for them, for your work colleagues you are ready to help them, for your community you are ready to serve others in greater need than yourself.

Turning up
There is no such thing as a free lunch

7. Turning Up Fulfilled Magnifies the Size of Your Vision and Dreams

It is one of the great irony’s of life that the inability to be happy with what you’ve got in life should potentially
sabotage getting what you want in life. But it does. It’s a universal law. It’s like a kid with their parent and the parent
fulfilled is really a great requirement for parents, leaders,
healers and partners. A person who is seeking fulfilment
cannot serve, they are giving to get and that equation is too often disappointing. It leads to resentment and bitterness and regret. So, by Turning up Fulfilled a whole new level of giving, a great strength is achieved.

gives the child an ice cream. The parent typically says to the child “and what do you say?” and the child knows “thank you.” But if the child refuses, you see over and over, the parent takes back that ice- cream. My observation, in my own life and those of thousands of clients is that nature does the same. If you don’t appreciate it the way that you’ve got it, you don’t get it the way that you want it. Because in nature, nothing is missing, you got your ice-cream, and you better say thanks at night, and day, or you’ll lose it. Now maybe you want an apple and not an ice- cream, maybe you want to be married and not single, but you better be thankful for the relationships you’ve got rather than bemoaning the fact that you are single. Remember nothing is missing, hence, nobody is single. Being fulfilled does not mean that you are satisfied. It simply means that you are satisfied on the inside. Fulfilment means that you, the inner you have extinguished all dissatisfaction with your life. However, his does not mean that your external world is exactly the way that you want it. Fulfilment means that you chase and do whatever you choose, but you must become fulfilled as a person first. You don’t want to lose stuff on the way to getting stuff. That’d be frustrating. Like lose your health while you get rich, or lose your relationship while you get successful in work or lose your head while you win in sport. Unfulfilled means you are not thankful for what you’ve got, you think you are missing something, and that makes you feel insecure and go search. But that search is based on missing, you are not thankful for what you’ve got and even your immune system is tied to your thankfulness. Really, one desire creates 10 desires. So, waiting to get what you want in order to become a thankful lucky person is not wise. It’s better to call yourself a lucky soul, appreciate what you’ve got and then go get it the way that you want it. Remember, nothing is missing it just changes in form. What you appreciate grows and therefore Turning Up Fulfilled is a big part of abundance and getting what you want.

8. Turning Up Fulfilled Creates A Self Acceptance A Sustainable Life Balance.
Life throws us curved balls. Things happen that we didn’t expect. We get hurt, disappointed, frustrated even depressed. So, there’s a certain sort of resilience that’s needed to keep your heart open and get through the hard times. I think that resilience comes from knowing yourself and that’s where the road get’s very, very bumpy because there are many “self’s” to get to know. However, there is a saving grace here. You will always be learning something new about all those “self’s” we just mentioned so that’s fine, but there’s one self
that you can get to know that will sustain you through good times and bad. Let’s now talk about that “self” which is really, the “no self.” They say in some teachings that if you become fulfilled, you'll know yourself. But the contrary is true; if you know yourself, you will become fulfilled. When a person overworks without due regard for their quality of work or their emotional engagement with others they are choosing to forgo the benefits of self- awareness in favour of seeking a compensation in some other area of life or at another time. They might say “I have to work so hard but the dividends will pay in the long term” or “I can afford to be exhausted because I can go home and recover.” This forgets the cost to both those at home and the individual themselves. Getting out of balance demands ten times the recovery time to come back to balance as the time it takes to stay in balance. The person who knows themselves well will see the warning signs of imbalance and make adjustments. They know that anything they do where their heart is not in it (this is what happens with imbalance and exhaustion) will be inferior. Turning Up Fulfilled leads to quality control in all aspects of our life, both experiential and material.

9. Turning Up Fulfilled Is the Grass Roots of Your True Humanity.
The courage to feel crazy, mad, emotional, hurt, happy, uncertain, insecure, frightened or whatever, is really a gateway into your intuitive nature. If you are always logical, that’s wonderful for those things that need logic, like working out which shares to buy or whether to increase the budget for next year’s sales, but there’s a massive chunk of life, life and death actually, that requires intuition and if you can’t trust your feelings how will you ever tap that resource? The unfulfilled person will not have a clue as to what is emotional fruitcake feelings and what is real intuition because they do feel a bit the same. And yet they are poles apart. The emotional fruitcake will jump for the sky, and reach great heights to grab a moment of fulfilment. For a moment they might defy gravity but the next moment they crash back to earth again. There are glimpses, partial glimpses and in this period the individual can feel sporadically intuitive and on track. They will have partial glimpses which are encouraging even entertaining and so the individual gets excited that their up and down
cycle will end. So they go harder at these glimpses, almost like trying to jump over some imaginary wall and their search spreads into other walks of their life. It spreads into their relationships, their business ventures, their investments, their health kicks, their diets, their get rich quick schemes, their new jobs and even the therapies or religious activities they pursue with great gusto. They try desperately to find a way to defy gravity and sustain the glimpses but there is no such place in the entire universe. That fruitless and frustrating effort alone can lead to a series of calamities, disasters and humbling circumstances and ultimately even mental health problems like depression and suicidal thoughts. One minute that individual feels like a superhuman, able to save the world and the next moment they feel hopeless. Onstage they are one person offstage they are ordinary. In this existence the tension is too much. But Learning How to Turn Up Fulfilled can change this repetitive pattern, that may have lasted for a lifetime, within a few short days. Then, intuition becomes an asset that stands much stronger than logic or any form of reason. Intuition in turn, guides your heart and gives you the real opportunity to live your humanitarian potential.

10. Turning Up Fulfilled Inspires Others.
The very definition of Turning Up Fulfilled is that you are content within yourself and then, automatically, your energy becomes infectious, it reflects a certain integrity. Just as negativity can be infectious so the energy of a truly fulfilled person can become infectious. Another term for Turning Up Fulfilled is what we know as leadership and radiance, but it is not leadership of the mind or the intellect, it is leadership of the heart. To an inwardly fulfilled person you cannot add anything. You cannot take anything away, they are fulfilled. Their every breath is a fulfilled breath, they need nothing within. This is the ultimate freedom and therefore it means that everything this person does they will do out of love, kindness and commitment. There is no hunger, no desperation, no fear and whatever this means, the ultimate experience is to want to change absolutely nothing. To desire no alteration or improvement. To be totally content with yourself. Then there is nothing lacking. Now, we can try to emulate this “nothing is lacking” mindset but the real test is when we meet

What more people are
looking for these days is
less to do, more time to
do it in, and more pay for
not getting it done.
people or have experiences with people that we don’t like or enjoy. If we are really in fulfilment then we will recognise ourselves in the actions of others and rather than blame or be critical, or hold back love, we can be really warm, welcoming and joyful. That’s fulfilment in the real world, that’s what it looks like to Turn Up Fulfilled. And then from this place all actions are taken with integrity instead of grasping. With this mindset, whatever you touch, whatever you are doing or not doing -- even just existing -- is a peak experience. You are alive and that is enough. Then growth can occur naturally.
Turning Up Fulfilled
There is a certain relaxed calm that descends over a person who Turns Up Fulfilled. Well-being, the inner power, the energy, creates a radiance, a constant showering of inspiration seems to come from them. There is a silent power which is simply the life-force surrounding them.
Nothing new is to be added and nothing is to be discarded from who you are; you are as perfect as possible. NOW. It is not that you are going to be perfect sometime in the future,
Either lead, follow or get out of the way
it is not that you have to do something arduous to be yourself. It is not the journey to some other point somewhere else; you are not going somewhere else. You are already here. That which is to be obtained is already attained. If you are not perfect already then there is no possibility, no way that you can become perfect. The whole situation is totally the opposite to the blind drive for improvement and achievement. You are already that which you want to attain. There are no conditions, no hurdles to jump over, and that is why simple techniques can help move some obstacles aside. It is not an attainment, but a discovery. This idea must go deep, only then will you be able to understand why such simple techniques that I share in the 30 Day Challenge can help. The keys to Turning Up Fulfilled are hidden, and they are hidden in very, very small things.
It is not the absence

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