How do I know if I’m Stuck in the Present

Being stuck in the present is the worst of all three. It’s extremely painful. It looks extremely wonderful. You’ll dress well, look fantastic, tell everyone how wonderful things are, but you’ll lack something that’s essential in making life enjoyable, I mean really enjoyable.

Stuck in the present, nothing is ever good enough for long. Those around you will resent your relentless search for what you can’t even define. It’s a hard life when those you love are never where you hoped they would be, always drawing you down, team members will be under constant pressure to emotionally engage with your insatiable appetite to feel up, high, happy, fulfilled. And that‘S the challenge of being stuck in the present. Nothing else matters.

In future seeing we know that cause creates effect. If you are in this moment, and nothing else matters but this moment, you will be acting, thinking, feeling and behaving to repair and control this moment to achieve the highest satisfaction. You’ll want to be happy and satisfied. A relentless appetite for more.

This, in critical language is called “high maintenance” and those who are drawn to provide that maintenance will soon burn out from it. You too will enter everything with enthusiasm that never lasts. Soon bored or seeing a new opportunity to reboot your emotional excitement, you’ll be looking for more while still chewing the last mouthful.

The present has arrived. It was caused by the past. The only resolution to the present is to worship it. You caused it. No need to change it. Appreciate it. This is now.

The present addict can only tolerate the pleasure of the present and therefore is tough on self and others. She or he, has no awareness of their impact on others only how things impact themselves. This is narcissism in old world language but it is severely encouraged by parents and corporate HR alike. It is very painful and contradicts the concept of evolution. Pleasure and happiness are not the same thing.

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