A disturbed mind is not intuitive. I've been over this with stillness episode and relationship rehab episode of the 45 day Intuition series of blogs.

Whether it's indecision about what shoes to wear or what haircut you need, or whether you like skim milk or real milk with your coffee, confusion is not a symptom of something, it's the cause of much.

But before we go into the cause and effect of confusion, which option to choose, let's do a bit of groundwork on performance multipliers for reducing confusion:

  1. Alcohol causes confusion. One glass of red heightens subconscious awareness. Two dulls it. Three opens the gate of the lower mind and all decisions made at this moment will be regretted. More importantly, the next morning after a few too many vodka or red or beers, your brain turns to mush and it's hard to know left from right hand. For the entire day, your reactions will be dulled. Of course you'll say, "no I'm recovered quickly" but science demonstrates that after a few - just one or two - too many, (more than a glass of red or a shot of vodka) your reactions and thinking speed are dulled and dumbed. I use a daily mind training program "" and it scores my brain development on many powerful levels. After just one glass extra of red, my scores on every dimension get worse. Try it.
  2. Sleeplessness causes confusion: We do not need proof. We know that sleep - good quality sleep is essential for mental clarity and intuition. We use the Oura Ring to measure and evaluate sleep quality. If you want better stock market performance, better leadership performance, sleep better and more. Don't take my word for it. Keep a journal of your sleep quality, depth and length and then dialogue your emotional and mental state just for a week. It's unbelievable. (I can operate at, and teach a state of open eye walkachi - that tricks the ring into thinking I'm in the deep sleep state) and therefore putting my body/mind into deep recovery anytime, anywhere.
  3. Diet causes confusion. Eating a big meal within five hours of sleep not only prevents deep sleep it also messes with thinking the next day. Overeating is a confusion causing performance detractor with many bad side effects. Hence, diet becomes a prime factor in mind control. Less sugar, no white carbs, minimise red meat and remove processed food with preservatives from your intake to get mind clarity. Foods heavy in fat can also slow you down. Dairy is a white carb.
  4. Dehydration is a complete science on its own, separate to diet. Too much water will make you drowsy and give you cramps. Not enough will create tension in mind and body. 
  5. Blood quality. I recommend a blood test every month for my high performance corporate CEO, CFO level executives, small business and large, the numbers don't matter. Blood quality, especially in women, can fluctuate with moon cycle, menopause and stress. Men can get significant deficiencies in nutrients because they often gulp their food (not chew 90 times each mouthful) A blood test can show iron deficiencies which results in foggy thinking. Monthly blood tests are a big part of any mental health program and I work with Sara Milikan to work on this topic with me for optimum mind/body nourishment. 


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