Part of the 45 days to Powerful Intuition Programme

The journey so far.

  1. Stillness - "I am More than my Thoughts"
  2. Emotional Control - "My Body is My Temple" (diet and exercise)
  3. Stop - "I am a Powerhouse of Energy"


Stress and tension kills intuition. It's why entrepreneurs play golf, swim, drink too much and get into mischief. They are trying to de-stress themselves (oh yeah, do yoga too). They know that their thinking is crap when they are stressed by a problem. Hunting for a solution never brings a good solution, it pushes them away and the more stressed we are, the worse the pushing gets.

You will need to create a space between the problems you have and the solutions you come up with in order to allow your genius to be part of the game. That's what great leaders in all walks of life do. And the gaps, such as a weekend away at a resort are no longer realistic. We need solutions that are genius daily so your de-stress needs to be a daily one.

If you can't stop at will, yr in big trouble. So, it's critical to learn, either on the golf course, in the pool or shower to learn how to do it.

The central nervous system of your body is the fuel line that delivers power to all aspects of your life. They fuel the eyes, mind, hands, legs, organs, tissues and skin. With the central nervous system on high alert you're delivering far more fuel that you can burn which makes you "nervous." Most anxiety and worry, uncertainty and depression comes from excess fuel delivery rather than the lack of availability it the tank.

Intuition cannot be heard over the noise of an over activated nervous system and the consequent disastrous deployment of too much energy to activate the body into fuel dumping. Such fuel dumping includes but isn't limited to: overeating, oversleeping, medication, meditation and sex. (the latter in not the good version)

Consequently one of the most important elements of the development of a powerful reception and connection to your intuition is your ability to stop. Stop running, thinking, working, doing, needing, wanting, not wanting, dreaming, scheming, beaming and creaming. Stop really means, "play dead."

Under the most extreme stress, I am able to fall asleep within 20 seconds of declaring, "time for a nap." I can shut down, almost instantaneously and wake as fast. This is not from years sitting in meditation. Nor some neurological disease. This is mind control. And the secret is the ability to switch off emotion.

The fast way is to lie down on the floor, spread your body into a perfectly supported and fully physiologically comfortable space and surrender. This is called Yoga Nidra and I'm going to put another recording online for you to follow. (see below)

The appetite to STOP, Play dead, do Yoga Nidra, might not seem good to you at first. But that's because your central nervous system doesn't want to stop. It's so fired up that the thought of doing nothing for 10 minutes is so spooky, it talks you out of it. You'll need to be disciplined. It's worth it. Otherwise take a shower, go for a run or whatever but remember, you must be so distracted from your emotions that you forget where you are (in the shower is most common).

You intuition is your genius, your inner guidance system but if the nervous system that contains it is continually fired up there will only be emotions and thinking that you're thinking. Most people think that they think, but really they're just repeating what other's have said. Practicing Dead Stillness, Yoga Nidra even during huge stress puts mind control into your hands and your inner voice into your heart. Listen to your heart, that's where genius and brilliant ideas come from.

So, step 3# - Learn to Stop ...

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