There is only one pleasure greater than instantaneous gratification of sugar, spontaneous surprise and immediate victory, and that is the pleasure of anticipation. It is a pain pleasure paradox. Watch a child busting for their birthday morning to open their surprise present or the anticipation of holidays for an exhausted high school student going on "gap year" break. You'll see the torture of waiting mixed with the enthusiasm of anticipation. This is, at the least, inspiration in it's absolute best form.

As we age through our 20's and 30's disappointments can start to accumulate. Not only disappointments from failures but the disappointments of success. Very often the anticipation for the future dies from both success and failure. And then, for the majority, the quest of self-help becomes how to handle disappointments, rather than how to rekindle the childlike joy of anticipation.

This is the mid-life crisis. The death of enthusiasm and the overwhelming feeling of disappointment from which comes a quest for excitement. Excitement, often called success, is most often an antidote to the loss of anticipation, and with this success comes a real drive for very fast results. Success over time requires, anticipation and that is the topic where intuition kicks in.


A series of disappointments or perceived disappointments leads to the prediction of more of them. We start to anticipate what might happen before it happens and call it intuition. "I have an intuition that this will not end well" is a common prediction. But is this intuition or prediction? Predictions are self-fulfilling prophecies. We predict it, we think it, and therefore we cause it. Intuitions are really different.

To work intuitively you need to be free. Free of worry, anxiety, attachment and fear. You can't be thinking while you are acting intuitively. Intuition happens in this single moment in time when you get lost, like in the shower when you forget to remember. It's a great quote...

Forget to remember. - Leonardo da Walker the Talker

Anticipation and Intuition work hand in hand. Prediction and intuition are enemies. Anticipate and Prediction are very different. Predict is fixed anticipate is flexible. One is hard the other is soft. And I'd prefer to even suggest that anticipate is warm, predict is cold. It's not easy to write the script for these, but for me they are extremely different.

Either way, anticipation is a critical source of dopamine and cortisol. It can raise the enthusiasm of disciplines that are not, in the moment, friendly. Such as getting up early in the morning. It's not always easy after the kids have had one of their nights, or the neighbours decided to throw an all nighter, but if you have the anticipation of a longer term reward, the negative struggle of getting up is overcome by the positive link to being CEO in 2 years if you get up early and stay fit.


There are few things that can impact anticipation more than vision setting. A vision has so many elements to it we do need to cover it under a separate step but vision is the acid test for anticipation, and if there's anything blocking your anticipation of a great result, writing goals and visions will test you enough to reveal those blocks. This is one of the core benefits of vision setting.

Vision, anticipation and intuition power go hand in hand. Anticipate great things. Cause them.

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