If you went to a Himalayan cave and sat their for months enjoying the scenery and listening to the sounds of silence, eating well and enjoying a quiet, no social media life, your intuition would be perfect. You would hear danger before you saw it. You would feel love before you heard it. You would smell goodness before you touched it. You would be, intuitive. Of that there is no doubt.

But if a mosquito came to annoy you or a neighbour in a nearby cave started playing their hi-fi or you got access to a mobile phone you would soon lose it. So, you are definitely intuitive, it's just a matter of how much noise is going on in your head.

You see, it's not the neighbour or the hi-fi, it's not the mosquito or the mobile phone, those are just things. It's your reaction and distraction that causes the loss of your intuition. Well actually it's not lost is it. It's just blurred. Then, with blurred intuition you might justifiably ask: "was that an intuition or not?" and the answer would be, "if you have to ask, not."

So, intuition exists in you always and everywhere and it is always 100% accurate but the noise you have rattling around in your mind/body is going to make it hard to hear. Here are a few great examples: Usain Bolt on the start line of the Olympic 100m hears the start gun first: intuition. Alex Honnold climbing a vertical wall 1000 meters high (see Free Solo Movie if you feel to get the impression) and trusting his intuition to reach the next hand hold. Katie Zafries winning the world triathlon championships in the last few meters trusting her intuition around pace. Bezos investing $billions in an electric car that changed the world, and more. Intuition is that certainty one has when one stops thinking.

My first keynote presentation was in front of 20 people and I was 34 years old. My testicles fell off I was so nervous they shook loose. The next year I presented to 1,000 people, again the replacements rattled and dropped off. But each time after a shocking start to my speaking audience I adapted and my second speech to 20 people was 100% intuitive. My second speech to 1,000 people was 100% intuitive. We adapt to stressful situations and in doing so, allow that inner calm of the cave in the Himalayas to exist. It means EVOLVE.


Each time we evolve to a new ground zero, our intuition comes alive. We hear and feel things and we are absolutely confident. But five minutes later, the circumstances evolve too and we fall behind. Audience size getting larger, investment dollars getting larger, fear of failure getting bigger, decisions becoming more risky and so on. Therefore, the secret to holding intuition in life is to evolve ourselves faster than our circumstances.

That's easier said than done because most people design their life on dealing with reality. They wait until a problem occurs in order to determine what they need to do to grow or evolve or solve it. Predicting the future, expanding and evolving ahead of the curve is the key to holding confidence in your intuition. If you can't stay strong in the heat of the challenge, there's no value in learning the skill for the easy times.

One such situation in meditation. Meditation calms the mind but it's absolutely poison if it's learnt in passive, silent, quiet, peaceful, happy places. The time you need calm is when the shit hits the fan and that is how meditation needs to be practiced. In Zen well taught, the teacher will come around with a bamboo cane and whip your arse if you lose concentration with him standing over you. It's like the firing squad and you sweat like a pig but never lose presence. It's intense but when you need the Zen, in the heat of a battle, it's there.


What hope of intuition is there if you can't control your body? I mean, really. You want to control your mind but can't control your appetite or weight or whatever. Step one of intuition mastery, entrepreneurial spirit, leadership, self-respect and global contribution is body respect. This doesn't mean six pack abs or wafer thin butt. It means choosing what goes in the big hole at the top and therefore what comes out the little hole at the bottom. Emotional instability starts with poor diet and lack of exercise. And if you can't manage your emotions you can't manage money or business. So, that's step two.

So, it's a big hit in the guts when you learn that unless you manage your food intake and health you'll never master intuition. As I've noted, intuition is the key to success in every field and separating emotion, ego, fear and guilt from intuition requires nerves of steel or at least an evolved state of mind more advanced than the circumstances you face. Don't believe me? Watch National Geographic and see which deer gets caught by the leopard.....

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