For the next 45 days we are going to work on your intuition. I will create exercises for you to help you master this essential asset. If you are not sure what intuition is or why you might want to master it, or if you feel you don't need to master it, go back to the last post on this blog. If at the end of that you're still not sure, please unsubscribe, life is too short to waste it reading material you can't or won't apply.

Knowledge changes nothing - Leonardo da Walker

Simple things first - I coach to develop improvement. It’s my process to develop anyone who is ready for it.

Coaching Philosophy

“As good as your life is at home is as good as it will be at work” - your personal development must aim to improve STILLNESS.

For example - if you are filled with noise, anxiety, worry, nervousness or uncertainty your performance in family and life can only reflect that of a stressed person. So the coaching must focus on restoring what is natural, stillness.

If you are stressed your performance at home and at work will reflect that. Coaching and learning loads must aim to improve long term mental, physical and emotional health and not risk it.


1. Coaching and learning is about behaviour modification.

2. The RESULT is the movement

3. The BEHAVIOUR is in the transfer

4. The STILLNESS is in the conditioning

5. The purpose of coaching and learning is for the individual to become the person the goal/vision requires.

Coaching Method - 5 steps

1. Foundation - Insight before action

2. Behaviour - Performance multipliers

3. Sincerity - Maximise forward motion

4. Strengthen - Resilience and resistance

5. Results - Complete the work

The steps need to be run through in order. Commonly self-help causes people to go in reverse. They start with results they want (conditioning) then they struggle and get exhausted, depressed or sick, then they add resilience to try to cope with it, which has limited benefits, then they search for insights - it doesn't work backwards.

The goal of coaching is to work forwards one step at a time. Get to the end of the coaching method and then go back and go through it again each time raising the bar on result.

Getting half way through the process and stalling is the result of premature satisfaction. Or Mediocrity. If this is your level of satisfaction you will be wasting our time with coaching.

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