Life is an Adventure - Explore it

There is an intangible and unknown force in life called spirit. It's not a ghost nor is it anything to do with God or creation. The human spirit is recognised in huge acts of kindness, generosity, feats of strength, great endurance and perseverance. It's acknowledged as the cause of survival, victory, success and the willingness to fight on when the odds are stacked against us. The human spirit is therefore in everyone, is equally divided into all aspects of life and marks the difference between the loser who gives up and the winner who marches on through adversity.

Found Hope - Found Spirit

Under circumstances unfathomable by human science, there are stories of survival at sea, super human endurance in the ice of mountains and in everyday life where hope seems gone but the individual lives on. The human spirit is therefore not sent to us through some mystical transformation but through a deep and rather desperate appetite to live to see another day - hope. Hope is the lowest form of human motive and yet, without it, the human spirit is dead. We must have hope to be engaged in the JOY of life itself.

The Human Spirit - A Choice

Stories abound about people feeling possessed by a spirit. This is disempowerment. The human spirit is a choice. The choice to live. The choice to go through hardship. The choice to endure. The choice to turn back. Maybe it happens 10,000 times in the New York Marathon. Who knows? But most importantly, those who have it, chose it. They chose joy over surrender. They chose perseverance over melancholy. They chose the Sun rather than the dark of depression. They chose to leave an unhealthy family life or stay. The human spirit isn't courage but the force behind it. You own it, you can engage it.

Practice between Performances

Life is an adventure. In each second of your existence trillions of tiny microscopic cells perform their miracle to cause you life, and slowly die to guarantee an end to your borrowed time here on earth. We do not have to sail single handedly around the world on a 2 meter bathtub to claim the title adventurer, we simply need to practice between performances and witness the daily miracle, the adventure of life itself, the JOY of being alive and facing the daily opportunities to lift ourselves to new heights.

Treat Yourself as You Wish to Become

Are you a person of spirit? Have you, like me, tapped your spirit to live life as an adventure? Or have you put on golden handcuffs and simply chosen to subjugate your spirit for the appetite to create boredom. (Boredom is the opposite to happiness.) - Treat yourself as you wish to become. Treat yourself as a spirited life adventurer. Be in awe of electricity, light bulbs, chicken sandwiches, sunrise, sunset, currency, share markets, ocean waves. Whatever it is, choose to see the awe in it. Be inspired by it. Be IN-Spirit about life. Choose hope over negativity, choose adventure over complacency, choose JOY over misery. Treat yourself as you wish to become and you'll be amazed how quickly you'll need to repaint the canvas of your life to become something new.

Step up - Treat Others as You Wish Them to Become

The human spirit resides in everyone. Treat others as if they too have the spirit of adventure in their heart, the willingness and interest to do something that's not boring, mundane and repetitive. To do something engaging, empowering, challenging and to reach a new height in their life. No need to rescue people, simply throw them a life line and make sure they choose to hold onto to it. Encourage them to Live with Spirit too.

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