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3rd Place Inspired Overcoming Mishaps

A lose wire that disabled her bike gears, swim goggles that blinded her during the swim, painful muscles from flying and the pressure of family watching on, Lotte's winning mindset took her through all the challenges that have stopped the world's best triathletes, and finished a graceful 3rd on the podium.

This is not a story about an extraordinary natural gift. Lotte certainly is a world class swimmer and triathlete but only 8 months ago she was mentally vulnerable, shattered by even the smallest disappointment. This emotional vulnerability has no place at the top end of her new dream, the Olympic Games.

Only 8 months ago, Lotte did her first triathlon. She's fallen, failed, stumbled and won and over these 8 months, with the help of Innerwealth Self Leadership training, Lotte has risen to compete in the World Cup here in Europe.

Mishaps happen. In business and sport. They are not signs of loss, they are growth opportunities. And as Lotte has demonstrated in her own career as a professional athlete, dealing with mishaps means mental as well as emotional, physical and spiritual consciousness.

If you have the courage to fail, you have the secret to success.

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