What sits between you and the mastery of intuition is the word, trust. Too much of it.

In nature, animals prepare for a super cold winter months in advance. They have an intuition about it. And if non rational animals can do it, so can we, us fancy animals.

So, why do we wait for a doctor to tell us we are not well? Why do we wait for the market to turn down before we realise last month was the best time to sell shares? Why do we stay in relationships when we know it's time to leave and visa versa?

The answer is trust. We rather trust what someone else tells us, than trust our own intuition. It seems listening to podcasts or reading the latest fad in a book on wellbeing is a more reliable source of truth than our own intuition. And understandably so....

Most people's lives are so filled with noise that it's hard for them to listen to what we say, let alone hear their own inner voice of intuition. Before we can hear our intuition and trust it, we need to know how to stop the spin.

There is no way you are going to trust yourself if there's so much spin in your mind and body that there's more than one voice. For example: you might hear yourself say "go on jump" while there's another voice, that of your body saying "no way Jose" - and yet another one going "it won't hurt" and another one going "why do this.?"

You need one leader at work, one purpose in life, one vision with seven elements to it and one objective. You also need one voice. This is often the encouragement of a coach, me, who is not a substitute for your one voice, nor trying to add two, what my job is - is to help you hear yours. That's one gift that comes with intuition, you can hear the inner voices of others.

In this small ebook you'll find a few ideas about stopping the spin so that you can trust your intuition, your one voice.

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