When you were a child you developed a super power. You didn't know it at the time. You developed it accidentally but everyone gets the same training. You learnt to master "free will."

Free will is the choice you make to decide. You can decide to like music or hate it. Irrespective of your ability or talent, you can decide to keep as far away from music as possible. That's your free will.

Later on in life you use this free will to benefit you. You choose the right wine, the right beer, the right coffee and the right cigarettes to smoke. You choose the right drugs, right car, right speed to go even if they are illegal. You can choose to be obedient or disobedient. These choices you make are your free will.

But then it can all go to shit. You can make some choices that are not right. Yes, you thought those decisions were right at the time, nobody could have changed your mind, but with benefit of hindsight you can see that you fluffed up, with hindsight, not all your choices were, and therefore by default, are right.

Then you might ask someone else to make those choices for you. If you got a few choices wrong, maybe someone else can do better. But no, eventually you realise that not every person acts in your best interest and you end up making your own choices again. But then you get married and ask someone to make some choices for you. But that isn't going to work either. If you hand your free will to someone else, don't expect them to respect you, because you certainly don't.

Why Do We Give Away Free Will?

Given that we all have it, free will, the question might be best asked as to why we don't use it? It seems there are a multitude of answers to this, but i prefer to choose one, the most common one, and that is we forget we have it.

Perception is a powerful human super power. I can perceive anything any way I want. I can perceive a bush fire as a good thing, burning the ground to make way for new growth, or a terrible thing, burning livestock. We have a super power, and that is the ability to see things any way we want. But I think we forget this, and we ask the media, books, teachers, and guru's for their ideas and make them our own. A thought that causes us unpleasant behaviour might not be a thought well thought.

Hidden behind our thoughts are fears. Those fears disrupt our ability to think clearly using our superpower. We fear something so we think in a way that might help us avoid it. Like getting fat, we might get angry at fast food. The fear is getting fat, or unhealthy, the thought is, it's caused by the ready supply of fast food. The thought helps us feel some control of the fear. But this is not free will.

Free will, is the exercising of a choice at the original question, "is getting fat so bad?" if we say yes, then our free will is gone. If we say no, our free will is again gone. Because both of these opposites are false. Free will can only be exercised with the use of the word "AND." Fat is good AND bad. Then we can exercise free will.

Perception is the greatest human super power. It can change our health, wealth, relationship, career, friendships, spirituality, social engagement and mental state. Perception is the free will to choose a direction of thought and it can only be exercised from a place of "AND" rather than "OR."

Bush fires are "GOOD" and "BAD." And fat is "GOOD" and "BAD."

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People think that they think but most of it is repeating what someone else said, and that isn't necessarily true. - Leonardo da Walker

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