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PAC - Holistic Self Leadership

PAC - Which Voice Do I Listen To?

There are many ways of describing the process of successful thinking. Mine includes the consciousness cone that reflects human evolution and daily consciousness. But all this can become complex to apply. PAC is the distillation of it all.

P = Parent

My dad loved me but it came across in a multitude of ways: concern for my safety, critical of my laziness, advocate of hard work. His job it seemed was to flatten me when I was up and bring me up with encouragement when I was down. His spirit lives on, alive and well inside of me. My inner parent just does their best to judge me over or under and remind me about it daily. My parent brings love but in a really judgemental way. Not always the voice inside myself that is healthy to listen to.

A = Adult.

That’s me. No better or worse than anyone else. A real person who is capable of amazing things if he just relaxes and focussed on the task at hand. No emotion needed. Me, my adult, doesn’t get caught up with judgements or self criticism it just works on what works and does his best. It’s nice being me, the adult.

C = Child

I still remember my young fearless spirit as a child jumping out of trees and off roofs trying to fly. In some ways I still do. My child is in many ways, small compared to the adult and parent but without him, I’m empty. There was a time when I left this part of me at home in the care of my wife. I worked without my child and I hated myself and others. My child is the joy, enjoyment, spirit and adventure of my life. But, he is also the one who gets nervous, frightened and scared. He is insecure so it is important that I, the adult, reassure him that all will be ok.




for those of you reading this who have completer the 30 day challenge, self talk and its importance are alteady known. But for others let me describe this.

Life happens and we interpret this through the lense of our own self talk. What we think, believe and expect to happen in life become the standard from which we measure oir experience and effort in life. Often this self talk - which is built from education, parenting, experience and indoctrination isn’t healthy - it may have been healthy up until yesterday but there comes a day, around mid life (20-60) when we outgrown the inheritance and want to leave a new footprint for our peace of mind and for others to follow.

Then, self talk must change.

PAC may offer you just a small glimpse into the reason that this self talk resists change and why, during the 30 day challenge it often challenges us and tries to divert our focus.

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