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QUESTION: How does Non Violence differ from Passivity and How Does Non Violence Solve Problems?

Some questions for You to contemplate?

  1. Do you say sorry allot ?
  2. Would you rather keep what you've got or bet it on the next chapter of your life?
  3. How quickly do you react to criticism?
  4. Are you trying to make people you care about, happy?
  5. Do you dwell on things that do not go to plan?
  6. Do you think saying YES or NO is the key to winning?
  7. In personal life is being kind, caring, supportive the secret to long term relationship?

Here's Violent answers:

  1. Yes
  2. Keep
  3. Any reaction
  4. Yes
  5. Yes
  6. Yes
  7. Yes

Define a Winner

A winner in any field of life is free. They value and follow their heart. No confusion. They put their heart and soul into what they do. They subordinate thinking to the category of confusion, loser and complexity. All thinking is not heart and soul. Hence, to be 100% present, to turn up, we cannot value thinking. Thinking is for losers, especially right and wrong. Polarised thinking is the worst, which is what we try to substitute for winning. We create micro wins by wanting to be right. Of course, only 50% of the time are we "right" and the other we fear. Hence, a loser sees fear in every victory. A winner therefore operates on strategy.

Defining a Loser

A loser has only two choices: surrender in passive self-denial or attack in an aggressive assault on the source of their challenge. The surrender is a bad option - even though many find it the most comfortable - because it gives us a feeling of powerlessness against an aggressor. That aggressor might be a food, a sexual opportunity, a diminishment at work or even a guru. The aggressor is, in the mind of the loser, a more powerful person and given that the loser only gives themselves two choices to fight back or flight away, both responses can be called, reaction and therefore violent.

Why Non Violence is Not Passive

For many years we have been told that violence is bad. Men especially have been triggered to be more non violent in their behaviour because of an excess of violence in their generic past. To improve the world we have denounced violence but this is really complex because what most people perceive as non violence is actually passivity. And this is not the opposite to violence. The opposite to violence is non violence and that is why loser minds get confused. They think passivity or aggression is the solution to every challenge. They give themselves one of two options, passive or aggressive reaction where non violence is something completely difference.

Non violence means non compliance. It’s neither shrink nor expand. It is non reaction.

Walking down the street the thug yells at you. If you run, that’s reacting and if you give him or her the finger that’s reacting but if you keep walking at the same stride as before, you are non violent. Those who have lived in New York know this. The perfect way to get mugged in New York is to react, either scared or respond. Either way, it’s trouble.

So, we arrive at Innerwealth. Non Violent action. Not reaction.

If you’d love to know more, the first step is watching the Movie Gandhi

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