I have never seen, ever, a sustained benefit from a client going on a holiday. Sure, we all need a break, a chance to reflect, to re-imagine the future, to recuperate, to rejuvenate. But, it's a ridiculous notion that we should be so incompetent that we'd save up such important investments for a holiday. These are daily requirements, 365, 24/7.

Here is what my single mother client did during her 10 days of non travelling stay at home, covid affected break from work.

  1. Took an Abseil course in the Blue Mountains
  2. Did a parachute jump from an aeroplane at 15,000 ft.
  3. Paddled a kayak she rented single handedly out to Shark Island in the middle of Sydney Harbour for a solo picnic.
  4. Drove to a remote running track along cliff tops and did a 5 hour trail run
  5. Too 4 Latin Dance lessons and attended beginner classes in tango
  6. Swam in the ocean at dawn daily
  7. Refurbished her lounge
  8. Nurtured her body mind with a nutrition program
  9. Had 3 Massages
  10. Booked a V8 Race car driving lesson
  11. Did a helicopter flight 

All this in 7 days while the kids were away and for less than the cost of an Air B N B for the same period.

My client will go back to work invigorated, inspired and ready.

The reason she could do so much is that she wasn't' exhausted from pre Christmas parties, she wasn't exhasuted from overwork and stress, she didn't let herself go to a mess before her break, but instead, held her mental and emotional balance the whole time.

Yes, she did double her coaching demand on me for December to make sure she didn't get caught up in the anger and frustration of end of year rush from her boss. She doubled her demand on me to keep her clear and on track for the December crazy and the November madness that always comes. Most importantly she asked for help when she knew circumstances were getting the better of her.

To put it simply: my client didn't need a holiday when her break from work came. She wanted some adrenalin and fresh air and didn't even need to sleep one night in a hotel, nor one flight, nor pack a bag.

For 2021 She has a bucket list of fun, inspiring and energising "to do's" - she would love to accomplish before the year ends. She will manage her time with her children, manage her mental, emotional and physical health as well as her spiritual health so that, her goals are achieved with fun and her bucket of fun can be done.

Envy is ignorance, imitation is suicide. - Leonardo da Walker

If a single mum with a big job and a host of responsibilities can manage her world to enable a "holiday lifestyle" - so can you. No need to imitate, take her gift and an inspiration for you to be competent at work and come home with more energy than you left with.

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