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Review and Improve your Relationship

It's the end of another calendar year and time is with us to do a bit of review and improve, one of the four essential qualities in the mental strength process for Innerwealth. (the other three are: goals, focus and positive attitude).

Things don't have to be broken to review and improve. So, rather than wait for a challenge, we who love mental strength have the ability to look at something we've done and ask "how could I improve that 1%" without being negative or critical. You'll remember that thankfulness is a big key to the past, so review and improve is not an unthankful or critical all or nothing position on the past. You look at everything you do and ask "what can I improve tomorrow, next year or in the next 20 years." Review and improve is a positive look at how great you did and how, just a 1% improvement could really lead to a great gain in the future.

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