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Self Leadership For All Humanity


None of us can give what we haven't got but all too often we try. We try to give kindness when we are not kind to ourselves. We try to give advice when we are reluctant to follow our own heart. We often tell others where we think they should be or go, which means to lead, and yet we have not mastered self-leadership. This inauthentic pathway leads to stress for ourselves and others.

"None of us can give what we haven't got but all too often we try" - Chris Walker

A Better Approach to Giving / Leading

A person goes to the river and fills their cup and walks back to the village. As they share, generously, their water, their own cup is emptying. At the end, they have nothing, and everyone has something. This is how most of us go to work. Filled in the morning and empty at night. It's a truly brave and yet ridiculously self destructive model.

What if we invited everyone to the river or put a continuous flow of water into our own cup and let the overflow fill others cups. We could give all day, but never empty our own cup. We'd go home fulfilled from giving (leading) and yet everyone we led would feel nourished and guided.

"You can't give what you haven't got." - Chris Walker

Work was never meant to be healthy

Designing a job that's healthy is an oxymoron. Work was never meant to be healthy or stress free. Work was meant to produce and we exchange time and labour for money. Hence, what we do outside of work becomes a key element of wellbeing at work. We must arrive inspired and leave fulfilled while, at the same time, managing our mental and emotional energy at work. This is the essence of Innerwealth Self-Leadership Coaching.

Each step on the grid is an individual one. We are all unique and accomplishing these key steps requires unique and personal solutions.

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