Straight Talk - Raw Honesty - NATURE'S WAY

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In our complex world, we have the opportunity to simplify our understandings by relating everything to nature. 

The forest, the ocean, the sky, species, rocks, plants, animals and insects all have a voice. It requires silence and wisdom to hear it.

The Laws of Nature bring the harmony of nature into everyday life. Evidence of those laws can be found in music, in dance, in business as well as relationships. 

The universal laws are found in every walk of life.

Knowing those laws will create harmony in your work, stimulate the environment you create, direct the exercises you do and help create the depth and silence to open your inner ear to your own life inspiration.

There are many paths. There are many ways to reach toward this goal of finding an awakened state of mind in which you bring the best of you to the world as a leader, a partner or a lover of life and the rewards of such journey’s are exceptional. 

The world needs awakened people, it needs you.Each of us who step beyond the boundary of conventionality and find peace of mind in our existence becomes a satellite of hope for the rest. It is a burden of real leadership a responsibility to bring this goodness to the world, not only as teachers, but as icons. Once found, this awareness becomes a silent light for the future for those searching for guidance.

The Path I share is not smooth or hewn from marble. It is not the result of a powerful awakening by a prophet or an idol. It is, instead, Nature’s Path and it comes to you from your life’s experience. It is drawn from all disciplines of awakening and does not intend to form a new cult but instead, empower leaders to step forward and help people find their own way. To become an example of all that is humanly good in human nature.

Straight Talk - Raw Honesty - NATURE'S WAY

If you are a leader and you are looking for awakened mind states, inner peace, stillness, harmony and inspiration then you can know that this path, nature’s path is the fastest path, the short cut. It is unique because it comes from everyday experience. It does not try to clone a human goodness, but instead, it helps people learn and grow through the real experiences of their own life, it is an individual way, your own path.I will teach you methods. Any of these methods taken alone can lead to awakening in their own right. However, the methods are purely used to help you get on and stay on “The Path.”We are a pure and good society. A highly tolerant one. We are a kind and generous society, who gives to aid those who are less fortunate. We live in a good world.And, it is on this basis that I encourage you to take this journey. We are good people, humanity is good, work is good, and families are good. We deserve the merit of higher awareness and understandings in whatever form they take to preserve the best, and evolve the rest.

Ancient Teachings in a Modern Context

As western people we are looking for more enlightenment, more enlightened ways of being in the world and, in our competitive world, it is difficult. There are so many opportunities to take a side track, to waste years. This is why, I, as a teacher of awakened living and enlightened lifestyle, believe nature provides a beautiful and most perfect alternative as a model for human growth and leadership.Nature opens your heart. 

Just a moment standing in awe of a beautiful sunset, a frozen lake or the most beautiful leaf can transition a person from anger and greed, to love and peacefulness. Nature and human nature are intricately connected. There is a natural awakening that comes from our connection to nature.Nature reveals the mysteries that underpin the whole essence of life.

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