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The Champion's Mindset

In work, sport and family life


There's a difference between winners and losers of the same capability. That difference is definitely mindset. How you approach something, what you recruit in your biology and how you deal with challenges that come your way will, at the end of the race, be the probable definitive element that separates you from the pack.

1. Practice Between Performances

A race is not a race, it's the culmination of practices. What happens in between training sessions is as critical as what happens in them. Practice between performances means everything you do becomes a component of the race you want to win. Practice between performances means link everything you do to the race you want to win. This is switched on, engaged, resilient and strength building.

2. Mind Control

Gratitude is the highest emotion. Are you thankful? Are you thankful when things go right and when things go wrong? When the sun comes up in the West instead of the East, are you thankful. Thankful is resilience of the highest order. Mid race, mid meeting, mid kiss, if you are thankful, you are in the zone where results happen. Nothing impacts your health and performance more than gratitude. If you are thankful you attract. If you don't appreciate what you've got, you lose it. So, appreciation is a growth mindset and a winning one. Innerwealth demonstrates a technique to empower you over emotion so you stay grateful, no matter what. It's the real power of emotional mastery.

3. Believe it, Dream it, Do it.

Visualisation is a powerful tool. Books have been written on the power of belief such as "the placebo effect" and others to demonstrate how powerful the human mind can be in causing results that, if you looked at it on paper, weren't possible. The power to visualise, believe, dream, and allow there to be a component of "magic" in your life is, in my opinion, the single most important element of success. "If you are waiting to see it, (the result) in order to believe in it, you'll be waiting a very long, long time."

4. You Gotta Wanna Die For It.

A vision, hope or dream is a funny thing because there are layers to it, just like everything else in life. When the going is easy, like starting a business, or in a new relationship or thinking about winning an event, everyone is buoyant and enthusiastic, filled with wind in their sails. But as the realities of competition, the challenges of the hard practices, the resistances grow (which always happens (shit happens), especially toward the top (injuries, red tape, politics, nasty people and a million other possible obstacles we can put in our way) the question of do I really want this drops down from impressing friends on facebook, through pride, through desperation all the way to ask "do I really want this?" and the answer will eventually sit inside your heart and soul.

5. Surround Yourself With Believers

This alone is why you need a coach. Someone you can blurt out your real insecurities to, and who, in the morning will not have to follow you into danger. Your coach must carry wisdom forward and an unshakable belief that you can, even if you "spit the dummy" on occasions, get to your summit. Don't put pressure on yourself to be faultless in the pursuit of your goal. You will and must grow along the way at the border of chaos and order. Or, better said, "shit's going to happen" and you need to have these unsteady moments but with someone who can pull you through them with new learning, not abuse you for being weak. It's strength to admit you're uncertain, just don't let it linger for days. 30 minutes is enough with good coaching.

6. Hard Work is Bad Management

People smell the unsteady hand. Intuition is running 24/7 and the person who is over doing it, or under doing it will not be trusted. Do what you love, love what you do. Love is a lifestyle so practice between performances by loving your efforts, hard work is bad management, extreme commitment on the other hand and tough love will be rewarded. Sometimes it's a fine line, sometimes you've got to burn the midnight oil or run until you puke. As long as this is building the end goal, it's not hard work or bad management.


I'd love to hear your comments about what you experience as the Champion Mindset in your sport or work or love life.

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