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Bad Relationships Start here:

  1. Treating your partner as if you have some right to an opinion about them
  2. Wanting to rescue, fix, change, alter, improve your partner
  3. Agreeing with their own self criticism
  4. Offering advice you were not asked for
  5. Not complimenting them
  6. Not appreciating what you've got

Bad Relationships Continue here.

  1. Feeling proud of your partner (actually referred to as parenting)
  2. Adjusting your style to meet your partner's expectation
  3. Feeling responsible for both good and bad things that happen to your partner
  4. Guilt
  5. Feeling like you can't do stuff unless they approve

Good Relationships Start Here

  1. You have your own vision and goals
  2. You know what you want
  3. You separate love and romance
  4. You have a commitment to something greater than the relatoinship
  5. You still do things you would do if you were single... spend time alone.
  6. You don't compromise but you do negotiate.
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