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Have you ever experienced a moment where you felt absolute one- ness with the world around you? A state when everything became crystal clear and still and all of a sudden you understood the reality that exists in nature in everyday life? It may have been after a yoga class, or walking along the beach or even amongst the beautiful architecture around European cities.

Stillness is real wellness, because your body, in this state is in perfect harmony within itself and with the world around it

Over 30 years of exploration into the inner workings of the human condition, has led me, an Aussie from the outback to the most weird places on earth. From Yoga practices in India shoving my head where it was never meant to go, to dancing with a Shaman and having bones poked in my chest. I’ve meditated in the Himalayan monasteries with Tibetan monks and studied the mysteries with people I can’t see.

By living in harmony with nature we achieve global change through personal change. It is a rebuke at so much of what is being done at present in the name of wellness, good business, religion and cultural development. It’s a simple spirituality, a nuts and bolts, real world, roll your sleeves up, in your bones, spirituality that could be applied everywhere both in personal life mastery, business and in global economics.

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