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The Sacred Spiritual Art of Sales

Adam and Eve, the snake and the apple. The first sales training program we know. But sales happened long before that. The first cell, sold the second cell the idea of coupling to cause a multicellular being, the beginning of life. Ultimately life is, one long, long, long, long sales training programme. I’d love to help you learn as much as you can about it so you can reap the benefits before it’s too late.


You go in the direction of your dominant thought. So, in a sense, your 100% self development is one long continual exhausting sales program. Let me explain: would you buy milk if there were no benefit to it? No. So, somewhere in your mind, consciously or unconsciously you’ve made up your mind “milk is good” and you go in the direction of that dominant thought. But what if you read, as I have, that processed, hormone filled, fat causing milk is the byproduct of a chemically driven process of animal abuse and corrupt corporate Monsanto based genetically modified profiteering death causing chemicals? If you heard that, and believed that, you’d not buy milk. Is what I just wrote true? Well who cares, it’s what you’ve chosen to believe that is important, not what I wrote. 

So a person who hates authority, usually a parental abuse situation is always searching for confirmation and my milk story lands square in the zone of their quest. Milk is innocent but the story around it becomes the dominant thought (or at least the projection of it). But lets step back a moment.

In the entire universe there are two sides to everything. Two balanced sides. So, the person who hates authority is only seeing the bad side, minimising the good side, and they’ll even claim there is no good side. They are a super sales person selling themselves the one side of a product called “authority.” You see, when we present benefits of a product or concept we are denying, or not presenting the downside, we present only the upside, the benefit, and this is the art of great sales.

Imagine an ice-cream truck parked on the street selling kids ice-cream. All over the truck were paintings of poo, vomit and unhappy people. THis would not promote the benefits of ice-cream it would be promoting the drawbacks of ice-cream and if the marketing were from an “anti ice-cream” group, and their sales program, to stop kids eating cheap fat in the form of white cold poison were the mission, they’d be doing a great job. We go in the direction of our dominant thought.

So we can draw the conclusion that to sell is to lie. And this is exactly it. To present half a story is the art of great sales. Present the benefits. The Ten Commandments are the great example of “sales” to cause a dominant thought. THe Buddhist Dharma same. Religion is a sales program.

All stress is a lopsided thought.

All stress is a lopsided thought. Stress has at its roots the perception of something bad happening without any correlated benefit. Well, if you can find a single atom in the entire universe that is negative without positive charge in balance you will find the destructive beginning of life. It can’t exist. So, all stress is a self-perpetuated, self-talking, perception of a situation in which balance doesn’t exist. In other words a “sales” program, in your mind. A dominant thought that leads to a reaction based on a false interpretation of a situation. Just like the ice-cream truck.

Emotional Un-Intelligence

People think that they think, but rarely do they think. Protesters marched on Sydney last week aiming anger at the world for injustice around women. The underlying sales pitch was that men are in power and women have been mistreated because of it. It’s a hard argument to dispute, there’s evidence everywhere. But if we were to step back from the presentation of sales data, we would see as many women empowered as there are disempowered and as many men abused as there are women. Objectivity goes out the window when we start dealing with emotion and mass hysteria. People think that they think, but they just repeat what others think and become the sheep. This is where sales turns into good marketing. All emotion is a lie, lopsided thoughts made real by selected evidence. Sales is the art of lying and swinging perception in one direction or the other causing a dominant thought from which people go. People go in the direction of their dominant thought even when it’s someone else’s lie. Mass consciousness. Mob rule. Crowd hysterical. Fan clubs. Political parties. Radical extremists. Peace lovers. All lopsided emotions absorbed as truth through good marketing of an original sales pitch, a lopsided thought.


Your partner comes to you stressed and you help them fix it. You act as a rescuer or parent or coach. It is the most callous act you can give a lover. Why? Because they are going in the direction of their dominant thought and you are agreeing with it. When you try to fix someone - help them fix a stress, you actually embed the thought that is causing the stress and become part of the problem. The most romantic position to take with a stressed partner is “you look beautiful when you are stressed” or “I really like your stressed out self.” It’s a positive spin on a negative state that shows you appreciate them no matter what they think, do or say. This is benefit driven sales at its best.

My partner comes from Europe and has been criticised for her driving by her ex partner. Now, I’m not saying that there’s some justification for it, but that’s not at all romantic. She drives our car as close to the left of the road as possible because she’s used to driving on the opposite side of the car. This is problem free until we are in the Harbour cross city tunnel and our left mirror is skimming along the concrete side wall centimetres away from it. Or going down a narrow road with car mirrors about to kiss our left mirror hello. But I sit and focus on what’s right. And speak about that, think about that, focus on that. It’s romantic rather than be a naysayer.


People know you long before they meet you. It’s called the cosmic wifi system and like minds will always attract. It’s not your knowledge or kindred spirits that attract but rather your “vibe” or the degree of gratitude you have for life (all seven areas). You know a person long before you meet them. We are receiving and broadcasting systems just like radio antenna or TV aerials. False presentation is transparent. The negative thoughts in our mind transmit long before we dress to disguise it. We go in the direction of our dominant thought and this thought is the one we sleep with at night, have while we clean up the dog poo, wash the dishes, clean the bin as well as make love and go on the bus to work. How thankful we are is holistic, not a ten minute facade we can dress up during a yoga session or business interview.


Nowhere on earth is our dominant thought more revealed than in our health. When we sell to ourselves, self-talk, we can be really really cruel. “Nothing is ever good enough” or “I could have done that so much better” are dominant thoughts just waiting for a situation to validate them. Self-abuse causes others to abuse us. Self-deprication causes others to deprecate us. Self-deprication as a joke on stage where we might want to lower the gap between ourselves posing as a guru or expert and the audience is good use of self-depreciation but in a parallel conversation is a cry for help “I put me down you pull me up.” It is a health destructive inner voice. In Ayurveda and Tibetan medicine (herbs and acupuncture) all disease has its root in self-talk. Every disease. And so, sales, your inner dialogue is the difference between living long and living short. And yet, most people keep their inner dialogue fixed while they try to change their outer life. The most expensive seminar on earth is a hospital bed.


We get paid what we think we are worth. If we get paid more than we think we are worth we sabotage the payment and spend it on holidays and cherryripes and hair cuts and cars. We sabotage anything we think is above our worth, including relationships and love. Did you know that you can’t love a person more than they love themselves? Why because no matter how much love you feel, they can only accept the amount of love they feel worthy of which is 100% based on their self talk, inner sales campaign, inner lie, inner dialogue, Innerwealth.


I hope you can see that the art of sales is sacred. If you say to yourself “I got to” or “I should do” this or that, you are selling to yourself, motivating yourself, rewarding yourself for doing something but at least you are selling yourself a benefit driven ideal. However, the cost of not doing something you said to yourself “I got to” or “I should do” is fear and guilt, negative feelings of incompetence and unworthiness. So when we talk to ourselves, selling ourselves on doing or not doing something, we are wiser to be Sales Guru’s. Marketing masters. And here’s how that looks.

In any form of life, business, romance, health, wealth, the master sales person does not think that they think, they do think. To think first then sell an idea is vastly different to the masses who blindly follow the crowd down the street or the trend on social media. To think first then sell is wisdom.

Wisdom means to recognise the balance, the positive and the negative of anything and then focus on the positive. The stressed partner will be focussed on the negative, this is true but there’s a positive to it and that’s where you need to romance from. A job interview there are negative and positive aspects of yourself, the wise place is to know them both in balance and then focus on the positive. Every product has positive and negative and the buyer remorse process is always to see the positive at point of purchase and then regret the purchase when the negative is revealed. This is why Mercedes advertising is targeted 90% to those who already bought a car, to prevent, at huge cost, buyer remorse. And so, in relationship, buyer remorse exists when after 7 years (or 7 days) we suddenly realise the benefits of what we’ve bought into balance the drawbacks. It’s then that we will go in the direction of our dominant thought, and either sabotage the relationship by focusing on the negative or grow it by focussing on the positive. It’s not ignoring or pretending the negative isn’t there, quite the opposite - it’s the wisdom to know that all relationships end up in a balance and the difference between stay and go is simply how good you are at sales. Focusing yourself on the benefit and leaving the negative to exist without a fix.

I tell them what they want to hear until they are ready to hear what I want to tell them. - The Buddha (the greatest salesman)

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