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Treat Others As You Wish Them To Become


What you judge you attract

Did that person lie to you because you were innocent or because you always suspected that they weren’t telling you the truth? Self help has many functions but the most important of all is to help you get over your judgements. What you judge you breed in your children, attract in a partner or boss or friend, or become. Therefore shifting judgement is a key to all communication and relation in life. I use the “Innerwealth Discard” process.

How you treat people says a lot about how you treat yourself

If you are negative or critical of others it bounces back in the form of critical and negative self talk. If you doubt others you doubt yourself. So the way you treat others might just be the fastest path to self growth.

Lies Stink

When we lie to those who trust us we think we are opaque- that if they don’t detect that lie then we are safe. This is a gross misunderstanding of the human condition. On a very shallow level we see, hear and speak 90^ of communication but as any actor will tell you “the script is useless in the hands of a bad actor.” We must feel what we hear and see and nothing can mask that feeling (drugs and alcohol maybe). If we lie, the other person smells it and they know we are treating them badly / they eventually become it. Low self respect.

Empower Yourself

You have more power to cause reality than you think. Treat people as if they’re on your side. Empower yourself and act in a way that will cause the result you want. Empower yourself to be the cause of your reality with other human beings. You can change, create and cause whatever you set your mind to.

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