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Treat Yourself as You Wish To Become


Be Serious about this

Do you really think that somebody, anybody is going to treat you better than you treat yourself?


If so, maybe this is a time for a great change in your life.

Selfish versus Selful

selfish might be confused with self-ful but they are very different. Selfish is when you do treat yourself as more important than others. Selful is when you treat yourself as the person you wish to become.

Know the person you wish to become

Real estate tycoon, professional speaker, retired billionaire, happy mum or dad, inspired genius? You need to know what you want to become and then ask, how would that person treat themselves in a multitude of situations. Would they have a diet regime, a good doctor, coaches, would they watch tv or listen to the advice of losers? You might say “they’d be confident, self assured and present” They would dress in a certain way, would they let things get to them? Treat yourself as you wish to become includes emotional responses. You are in control of this.


Don’t suffer fools.

Free advice isn’t worth the paper it’s written on. And advice you didn’t ask for or wouldn’t pay for is just your ego playing games with you. So, treat yourself as you wish to become and recruit the best team around you and learn how that great person would inspire and motivate others.


Take an audit of how you currently treat yourself - then an audit of how the person you wish to become would treat themselves. Don’t compromise because nobody will treat you better or worse than you treat yourself.

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