Writing this article i made a typo and had to go back and correct it.

The calorific value of the effort to move my finger on the touch pad a few millimeters and re-type one letter was probably unmeasurable and yet, I heard myself make a rather awful noise. No not flatulence.

A tut tut.

Tut tut is the sound of sucking air back through your teeth. It takes quite a few face muscles, tongue and lungs to make that reverse hissing sound. So the tut tut reaction to the typo cost me more energy than the typo. That doesn’t compute does it? So there must be another variable that actually makes the tut tut energy consumption worth spending.

  • It could be the time it takes to go back, move a finger and move on?
  • It could be the loss of flow concentration having to go back and correct something instead of progressing?
  • It could be the disdain I have for me making a typo?
  • It could be frustration with the IPad Pro and the expensive and not fully typing friendly magic or not, keyboard.
  • It could be the cumulative of other shit that, with the typo added, becomes too big to bottle up and needs a tut tut of annoyance to get it out.
So the value of the reaction, the backward sucking sound i made in order to invest in the typo correction seems to have a balance with the event that may or may not be the accumulation of other stuff added to a tut worthy event.
I confess however to feeling better doing a tut tut. Sometimes i even add a horizontal head shake that in Australia means no but in India means yes. That head shake adds a certain conviction to the tut tut.

And I’m not alone in head shaking tut tut. George Constanza in Seinfeld learnt that he’d be paid more for his work at the Baseball club if he tut tut and head shake allot.

It made him look committed and busy. A worthy investment.

So this is the perfect example of step 6 in your Daily Back on Track - Self Talk.

The tut tut and head shake is not for anyone else, (unlike George Constanza) I did it because I’m talking to myself about the typo, on a bike ride or the unwillingness of someone else to do what seems to be logical.

An example is on my racing road bike. Lotte is a world class bike rider, triathlete and swimmer. She has a very expensive bike with 12 speed (means 24 gears) all digitally controlled by electric buttons on her handlebars. When she first got the bike she changed gears every few meters, because it is so effortless and the bike loves changing gears electronically, so she did. Now she adapted, now for her, pushing those buttons to change gear is like me having to move a finger back to fix a typo on my blog - she almost does tut tut when she has to change a gear. Of course, the consequences of her tut tut is badly selected gears, potential chain slipping off the gears and lost speed. So the value of her tut tut is huge. And now it becomes interesting because I tut tut her tut tut.

We’re riding and her chain comes off and I tut tut her not changing gears. Now I’m tut tut her. So tut tut has two functions: Self talk about self and self talk about someone else.

Tut tut is frustration. Frustration is a sign of stuck evolution. Whenever we tutut something. We are seriously telling ourselves that our process is lagging our thinking. This is the definition of uneveVolved.

My correction in typing is telling me to get over the old typing thing and learn voice to type. It's faster and better.

The gears on Lotte's bike have an adjustment automated we can set to change the right gear at the right time and not need a button at all.

Every tut tut - backward hiss is an opportunity to evolve.. to get more done in less time.

Getting more done in less time is evolution....

What you do with the time you create for yourself is an interesting question.... as you've seen from Covid times.

Saving time on travel to work, overseas and meetings has created allot of time for people. The average Westerner has put on 8kg and become less mentally and physically healthy as a result.

So evolving is confronting. What are you going to do with more time? Drink? Smoke? Watch Netflix? Eat... that's what most people have done as Covid has evolved their work day.

That's probably not what nature had in mind when she gave us more time by evolving us.

Food for thought.

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