It occurred to me the other day that vulnerability is a really strange human quality. If you are happy to be vulnerable you'll get into all sorts of emotional dialogue and if you are not good at that, this may lead you to regret the attempted vulnerability

Vulnerability is also something that bad parenting teaches us to put away. We learn, pretty quickly, that the more we stick our neck out, expose our true self, the more we get guillotined for it.

At the same time, vulnerability can make us very very weak. All sorts of emotional problems surface from vulnerability for which we need to be rescued.

But there's a real excitement to vulnerability and only those who use it for the good in it, know what I mean. Take Alex Honnold in the video below as an example:

Now that's vulnerable and without this vulnerability the feelings of challenge and independence Alex experiences would not exist. He's living on the edge because he is vulnerable, not in spite of it.

Life balance means we are balanced in each area of life. To that end, we remove vulnerability from each area and create a sort of catch net should something go wrong.

In each area there are seven levels and although one might think that the bottom is the most vulnerable the top is also. At the bottom we speak of material vulnerability, wealth, family, assets, health and career. These are material vulnerabilities and so we try to prevent their loss.

But at the top of the seven levels, there is spiritual vulnerability. This emotionally driven exposure can be just as frightening to some as the material. So that is why we practice loving our work, life and friends, nature and the universe, to make the vulnerability of being in your heart, acceptable. We cannot cover it with material security.

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