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What I Learnt In the 30 Day Coaching Program: A Summary



Thank you for opportunity to participate in this program and for the financial support you provided for my professional development.

The purpose of this presentation is to provide an outline and overview of the Executive Coaching Program through Innerwealth.

Executive Coaching Program Outcomes

1. Clear Vision

2. More Inspiration in my day

3. Sense of purpose to my work

1. Clear Vision

The visioning process took me through 7 areas of life.

Be/Do/ Have sequence differentiates vision from delusion.

7 areas of life:

  • unique,
  • greater engagement, and
  • greater sense of enthusiasm


Understand the difference between being motivated at a desperate, unconscious level versus being motivated at a high conscious level.

I was taught tools to get me from the bottom of the triangle to the top


When the why is big enough, the how takes care of itself.

I lost my sense of why, I re-engaged with it and learnt to stay on track with it.

7 levels to manage change effectively

  • Discard – let go
  • Cellular – health matters
  • Appearance – dress for success
  • Mentality – results you can achieve
  • VIP - growth
  • Psychic – Self talk leading to a sustainable upgrade in performance results
  • Spirit – evolve your ego and expand your identity, give more to others
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