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All my coaching sessions are done outdoors. Sometimes that means in the shelter of a cafe or under the protection of a tree, but we are definitely not in an office. Why?

People are different in nature

People are more open minded, more generous, more creative and visionary in nature. We currently suffer from nature deficit disorder which has been blamed for so much of the stress that's bringing busy people to an early grave. I don't want to add to the deficit while, at the same time, helping people with the result of it.


Whenever I sit in an office I feel the walls can talk, the digital stuff is listening and people tend to whisper their secrets. Walking side by side in nature is a whole lot more comforting for people and we usually enjoy the fresh air too. It's more honest outdoors.


What get's thought about on a walk in nature is rarely thought about in a glass box with fake lights and a thin walls. I believe people are closer to their heart and soul out in nature. It's not a philosophy i can explain in theory, it just works.

We are the environment we create


Biophilia is the science of the outdoor value add. It's an easy topic to Google but if you're struggling check out Terrapin Bright Green - The Economics of Biophilia... Great read.

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