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Why I love my Garmin and Oura Ring Devices

I'm not going to sell you a ring or a watch nor a Garmin for your bike. No interest in that.

I am however going to compliment these items.

The oura ring is amazing. My partner lives by it. It tells her when to go to bed and when to get up. How much training recovery she's needing and whether her cycle is in tune with her rhythms. This is for her, vital.

For me, such information is critical. I do not want to turn up to my Olympic level coaching sessions anything but 110% on top of my game. The watch and soon the ring help that in "non intuitive" ways.

Not long ago I would have laughed at these ideas. I was trekking the Himalayas, paddling the oceans and so in tune with my body that I didn't need such a device. But as things turn out, I now ride a bike on the road and there are few sports less in tune with body and nature you could imagine. I now need Garmin and Oura Ring tech.

All outdoor activity connects us to our body. But some more than others. The elements are, for some sports nothing more than a nuisance that keeps you indoors, for others, the elements are the sport. Trekking and kayaking are the latter.

Anyways, I diverge. The Oura ring is an amazing and I feel almost essential tool for any business exec who plans to work and live at the sharp end of the business world. It's an honest stress feedback system and prevents self deluded interpretations of "she'll be right." It won't.

Today my Garmin told me, quite rudely, just like nature does, that I'm not training hard enough ... f..k you garmin. How dare you. But on examination, she or he, is right. And as a result certain secondary aspects of my wellbeing are showing a few rough edges. Great feedback that prevents disaster and accumulation.

If I can be a Garmin to anyone, I would be so inspired. It's a real feedback loop that can guide and save a massive amount of time and energy. Even a life or two.

Black Friday sales are finished but there are still a few bargains to be had with these devices. And if you need some guidance, don't come to me, I'm not the guru on which one is best for you. Only which one was is best for me.

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