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In 1986 I was standing joyfully at the kitchen sink washing the dishes in my

wonderful five bedroom beachside home in Sydney when my wife and mother of my three children casually said “It’s over.”

“No,” I replied still humming, “there’s still a few cups to wash.”

I was nearing the end of my first year of a two-year MBA. My wife and I had gone through some pretty rough times which had motivated me to sell my business and go back to university,

dedicate my life to not being an arse in business and find a better way to live and work in the world.

But she was right, our marriage was over. And even with that clarity it took me a year to really deal with it, during which time I made a right arse of myself, exactly as I’d promised myself not to do in business anymore.

Getting my act together after that was tough going, there was a lot of personal baggage flowing from the relationship. I was guilty about the past and my perceived excessive focus on work, and that combined with the usual challenge for me of anything academic, it was a tough year.

What turned the tide on my rebound happened one day when I was sitting alone on the beach, lamenting my circumstances. By then, my three children were on a yacht sailing around the world with their mother and her new partner. I couldn’t have felt worse even with all the zen and therapy and some rebound relationships. Then I looked up and saw the moon. It was out at midday and that was a beautiful sight.

I realised it was the same moon that was shining on my children and that made me feel better,

feel different. I started to feel connected to them again. I started to feel them close to

me, around me and I knew we we not really separated. For the first time ever, I’d gone past my ego and ventured into a deeper reality. Nature was going to be my guide. And Innerwealth has been that journey. I am a small town guy from outback Australia who is sharing a really special awareness. There’s order in the chaos we call life and it’s nature’s universal laws.

In Canada, during one of my workshops with the Mic Mac Nation, an elder sat through a three-

day session, hardly speaking or moving. At the end of the session he stood up with tears in his

eyes and said, ‘This is what is in the hearts of our people, we just lack a language to express

it. This is it, thank you.’

My mission with Innerwealth is to impact and inspire the hearts of great leaders to help them find the inspiration of nature's laws, a common language. Then maybe, by applying these laws into their life they too can find a new language to express the love and inspiration that is in their own heart, and through this, the world will change, one business at a time.

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