"99% of all human suffering is caused by lost or achieved, vision"

    Chris Walker

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    A vision takes 30 days and nights

    A vision process is fun

    A glass of wine, a quiet moment in the evening, a pen and paper and my audio instructions and you are away from the hustle and bustle of life and into a vision setting programme. In 30 days, for 10-20 minutes each night you'll have it.

    A vision can rejuvenate you

    I have never been so sad as the time I lost my vision

    When the world changes, we must adapt, but often it's harder than we thought because we had hopes and dreams that get shattered in the cold hard world of reality. Divorces, social change, loss of health and unemployment are just a few of the disrupters that come to shatter the peace of our lives. Revisioning is the solution. The greatest healer on the planet and the fastest. New vision, new life.

    A vision can rejuvenate your relationship

    I have never been so sad as the time I achieved my vision.

    Achieving your vision is great but then what's next? You've got the kids and the house and the holidays all set. But achieving a vision had been for me, as painful as it was from losing my vision. Either way, I ended up lost and living groundhog day, which took a huge toll on my relationship at home. Vision keeps the spirit alive in relationships, (romance) and when two people are activated by their visions and at the same time helping each other live each vision, it's like a honeymoon that never ends. Make sure you differentiate between vision and goals.

    A vision can inspire great performance

    The person with the greatest certainty leads... certainty of????

    In my business life I have met and worked with some amazing visionaries. My own business success was as a result of many of those visionary individuals seeing a bigger picture of my success than me. I suddenly realised that my visions were often too conservative and were the self set limits of my career. I broke through this, and with that breakthrough my career went from strength to strength. Vision drives performance and I would be happy to prove it to you.

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