Why Being You is So Important


    Brand You


    Introduction to Brand You

    People know us long before we speak. Our communication, our teeth, our shoes, hair, clothes carry a message, a very powerful one.

    But as important as the message we project are the messages we give ourselves. We are a product of our environment and all too easily we can drift into a self-determined plateau that may be designed to impress others, but does nothing to impress ourselves. A gap can appear between how we treat ourselves and how we want to be treated. The purpose of focusing on personal brand is to close (DOWNLOAD) that gap 


    I drive personal growth that results in positive personal change through higher consciousness. I help people treat themselves, others and their aspirations with respect. I teach process for attitude change, authenticity, skills and courage to live the life we aspire to.


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    Tailor-made solutions for a fuller, more rewarding and

    enjoyable life. Human Development

    Learn fast, learn at home, explore possibilities on the go, come home happier, healthier and turn up 110%...


    Our first step with clients is story telling. The past isn’t the past. The past is the accumulation of your brand. Y our mistakes and hardships are of equal value to your success’.

    Before you engage your profile on linkedin or resume, tell someone your story. If they fall asleep or you get bored telling it, change it.

    The universe is not made up of atoms, it’s made up of stories. Yours included. Make it an awesome one.


    Turning Up 110%

    Come home inspired. We teach skills to do our dirty work at work, and remove the pig poo boots before walking in the house.

    Enjoyment - Grow together

    The unresolved challenges of relationship can trigger a counter- balance at work and confuse everyone.


    The aspirations

    The visions, aspirations and purpose of our partner are not the same as our own.

    #1 Fan Shared Belief

    Our home, where we are most vulnerable must share a strong foundation for our commitment to work.

  • Your Attitude

    A stressed, busy, burnt out person might get the job done just as well as a joyful, grateful, thankful and enthusiastic one. However, one will lead, the other will follow. One will attract business, the other will sabotage it.


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    Nature destroys anything that doesn’t fulfil its purpose. Your Space will influence this more than any other single variable.

    Chris Walker


    We suffer nature deficit disorder and so it is wise to add nature to all your spaces: pictures, views, walks, exercise, meetings, trips to work and more..


    Your Space includes:

    Office Home Clothes Desk Nature Food Thoughts

  • Your Approach

    What you think about people who agree and oppose you determines the sustainability of your brand.


    Di you find yourself calculating how much you can get or how much you can give someone? It’s an important derivative of interpersonal relationships.


    Do you believe that work colleagues, clients, friends and team members are trustable or that they have hidden agendas. This is an important derivative in interpersonal relationships.

    Give or Take

    Are you an energy taker or energy giver. This will ultimately determine the energy of your brand. It is a key result of your self belief and approach ....

  • Know your Visions

    Target a specific result


    Fit in with where you are aiming to be

    The bigger your brand the bigger your capacity for stress must be

    Compete, and outperform existing occupants of your desired brand position.

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