Putting the Heart and Soul Back into Work And Life...


    puts you in a very clear, balanced, enjoyable and powerful place


    A more conscious way of being.

    The truest essence of health

    Unblock any blockage.

    Doing what you love and loving what you do.
    Conscious relationships that work.
    Inspired work and how to inspire others to fulfil their potential
    Growth, evolution, transformation.

    Let Nature Be Your Guide.

    Life Balance

    Coaching that compartmentalises your life solves short term pain but creates many problems. A total view of your life is essential using the seven areas of life for balance and wellness.

    A corporate nature based retreat that helps you grow, mentally, physically and spiritually.


    Breaking old habits, developing new and healthier ones.

    Moving through and making change in your life.

    Stepping out of the past and into the future with a whole new vitality.

    Helicopter View

    Coaching brings you to a global standard in your thinking, raising your horizon to bigger and better things than you'd previously thought possible.


    The wisdom of generating loyalty, commitment and motivation is yours in coaching. We take the development of human nature and help people align their mind, emotions, body and vision.


    You own it. It's simple. It's portable and it's inside of you. It affects your productivity, your health, your happiness. It affects your relationship, your friendships, your children and your P&L at work. If you tap it, there's no stopping you, if you don't then it's all just hard work and struggle. Your Vision, Inspiration and Purpose affects everything important and are without doubt the most important ingredient in determining the quality of your life, work life balance and the essential exchange in relationships.


    Any decision made in your head is prone to the influence of your emotions, others emotions, your chemistry and your environment. In other words extremely vulnerable to error. In coaching you will experience BCC (balanced, centred and calm) and take decision making to a whole new level.

    Turning Up

    This moment in time is where you truly meet others. It's the mastery of the leader, parent and partner in life to turn up, 110% and then turn off, 110%. Coaching guides you to turn up more and more in life. It's a mastery that has enormous dividends.


    Many years ago people were in tune with nature. Nature’s harmony and human happiness were considered as one. They observed that what happened outside of us, was already happening within. Coaching helps you re connect with the harmony of nature, while remaining a part of the world in reality.

    Mental Strength

    Emotional disturbances gone forever, headaches banished, confusion and uncertainty a thing of the past. The mind is a muscle and in coaching we deliver a clear path to the sort of mental strength a corporate leader and an athlete need, nerves of steel, bulletproof focus.


    The time it takes to get the job done, the time it takes to sign off on a sale or project is a measure of expertise in a chosen field. Coaching guides you to world standards in productivity, getting more done in less time. More sales, more completions, more deadlines, less time.


    The ability to share a story, to ask a clean question, and most importantly, to listen actively will influence your communication, which in turn is going to add enormous value to the time you spend with others, leading, listening and caring. Coaching emphasises these communication skills and helps you improve radically.


    The average person is hopeless at relaxation, using substances, television and food to achieve sloth rather than active and powerful calm. The Zen of Calm brings engagement, stillness, focus and recovery to a whole new level helping you achieve calm and reboot between meetings.

    Personal Success

    Work is not the only trigger for emotion. Your health, mental, physical and emotional fluctuates with domestic circumstances and keeping a level head with a loving home is certainly transitional at best. Coaching helps you change faster, transition easier and stay happy and in control personally.

    Self motivated

    The key to good living is an independency merged with dependency. Step one is to know yourself well and in coaching we make this a priority. There has never been a more important time to be self aware, self-motivated


    99.999% of the population are driven by emotions and opinions of others. This may be an essential quality in a hierarchy at work but we also benefit from knowing our own mind. When the inner voice speaks louder than the outer, we are inspired, and inspired people don't need to be managed saving $mil in costs and wasted layers in a business. Coaching focusses on Inspiration.

    Love It Before You Leave it

    Whether it's a job or a relationship, knee jerk reactions to things we don't like are always regretted. Coaching teaches you a very key ingredient of life and that is to love it, no matter what it is, before you leave it. It is not asking you to stay, it's saying that what you judge, you breed, attract or become, so, unless you love it before you leave it, you'll simply run into whatever you are running from, in the next job, relationship or whatever.
















    People are different in Nature - More open minded, more creative, more inspired. And that's why I recommend nature as a big feature of your personal life management. I went so far as to interpret and distill nature's laws so you can bring nature home with you too.


    Positive Personal Change through Higher Consciousness.

    Attitude of Appreciation

    WE demonstrate tools to keep you thankful, no matter what. Gratitude is the most powerful, focused mind state for both business and personal life that you can create.

    Find a Common Language

    Inspired individuals build inspired teams. Breaking down the barriers means finding a common language, cutting through the fog that creates uncertainty. We'll create the arena for this to happen.

    Workplace Harmony

    Understanding others and ourselves creates an amazing willingness to be flexible and adapt to change. Remove the tensions and worries replace them with an overwhelming focus on future possibilities. Conflict resolution and interpersonal skills include and attitude of co operation.

    Embrace Change

    Change was once an annual event. Now it hourly. Flexibility is a key to success in any field. Learning to adapt to others and marketplaces is about playing to strength and not to victim.

    A Powerful Purpose

    A purpose or personal vision is more than words, it is a message from your heart. Developing clarity of vision is by far the pinnacle of success in any endeavour. Whether it's a sports team, a business or a family group vision is the glue that binds individuals to a common inspiring cause.

    Build Loyalty and Commitment

    The LCM process – is a system based on personal responsibility it develops an obvious and very personal motivation to work. People jump out of bed and just can’t wait to get to work in the morning.

    Have a huge vision.

    The size of your vision determines the size of your life. Its clarity determines your destiny. Take the time to step back from the day-to-day duties to develop a global vision.

    Listen to your Body and Mind

    Your mind and body are working in harmony, doing everything it can to help you live your vision. It’s aches and pains are the symptoms of imbalance and a great signal for you to re evaluate your direction.


    Authenticity is a competitive advantage both for individuals and teams. By stepping away from the white board, the powerpoints, and the talking-heads, we create a traditional conversational environment.


    Welcome to the Future of Leadership

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