1,200.00 - 7,900.00
A trek with a life coach by your side. Amazing.
Around 14 Days Door To Door. You can do it with Chris or we organise everything for you and your group including guides.
We've done this trip over 50 times. We are so happy to support Nepal and Bhutan.
If you want Chris with you we love to create a moving life coaching experience, a vision setting programme that's inspiring.
We'll work with you to find the best air travel departure and arrival home dates to ensure a great journey to and from Nepal's Kathmandu airport via Asia.
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All Gear Included

If you're an outdoors person you'll have all of what you need to bring. We'll supply everything else including warm jacket, bedding and your daily trekking needs. You'll need a good pair of well worn in trekking boots, preferably synthetic high ankle.


4 Star Accomodation

No tents... Cuppachino machines abound, bacon and eggs for breakfast, a cool beer or wine at night, you're going to lose weight so there's no need for starvation diets. Vegetarian and vegan can be provided too.


100 % Brilliant Support

Using Himalayan Porter Association guidelines our porters are well cared for, clothed and fed. All insurances for them are included. Our Sherpa team, from the area we trek in, are vastly experienced, certified, and qualified in everything Himalayan. You're in good hands.



Local Friendships

We've taken over 55 trips in these parts over 35 years. We know families, locals, monasteries and off the tourist route wonders. You will stay in villages with great hotels but your days will be anything but standard group trekking pathways.



Wonder and Explore

This is not just a trek. This is a retreat, workshop, leadership development program designed over the course of 35 years and improved to give you a take home that has an ROI 100 times your investment. Ask for more about this if you wish it.




Altitude is a dangerous friend if treated with disrespect. We've never had a problem because we err toward the safer acclimatisation rules. This takes some planning but we want to enjoy the environment not fight with it. For those at risk we even recommend the DIAMOX pills as a prophylactic



Group Size

Although we can handle up to 14 people, we prefer 1 or 2 people. This increases trip flexibility and opportunity. Group dynamics are great up in the Himalayas because we all have a common goal. However, there can be significant differences in physical capacity and therefore pace.



Time of Year

We have a team on the ground in Nepal for your trek 365 days a year. We can, if you prefer to do the trek sans Chris, arrange everything for you at no cost. Our guide, DAWA comes highly recommended and we're happy to link you to our other clients who've managed great adventures with Dawa as their guide.




Bring your kids. One parent one child, minimum age is 8 years old. Not recommended for both parents to do the trek with children, but one parent one child is a lifetime memory.




Your costs for the trip will be from arrival at Kathmandu airport to return to Kathmandu airport including internal flights, food, accomodation and warm trekking gear. You will pay for your morning and afternoon snacks, extras, alcohol, tips, toilet paper, soap and delicious massages when you get back after the trek.



Side trips

Nepal has a wild life jungle with the usual safari walks and elephant rides that's quite magnificent. There are also adrenalin opportunities such as hang gliding, white water rafting and ice climbing schools. You name it we'll help you find it and get to it. (your cost)


Insurance and Flights

You'll need standard travel insurance as there are no use of ropes for adventure or climbing. This insurance must cover evacuation in case of illness and adjustment to international flight schedule should weather cause your return from the mountain to be delayed at all. We always allow 2 days buffer for this but insurance is always wise.

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